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Cory Gregory is the co-founder of MusclePharm, as well as a professional bodybuilder and fitness professional. He created the diet as a means to break the cycle of weight loss and fat loss. He guarantees that in three weeks, you will improve your overall health and wellness, as well as lose 20 pounds. This guarantee is not backed by clinical trials or scientific research. The only information he mentions relating to effectiveness is that he utilized the program to sculpt his physique.

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  • The Bizzy Diet is a health and wellness plan guaranteeing weight loss.

Product Features

The Bizzy Diet is a plan specifically for individuals wanting to improve overall health and wellness, as well as lose up to 20 pounds. The program last 12-weeks and focuses on calorie restrictions, fitness and supplementation. The plan was created by the founder of MusclePharm, a supplement company specializing in dietary supplements. The cost of the program is free, aside from the cost of food and supplements.

As we looked through the diet plan, we noticed that you will need an excessive amount of time to prepare meals and to exercise. Spending hours a day is not a luxury the average dieter has at their disposal. On average, you will spend upwards of two hours preparing.

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  • The diet plan is free, minus the cost of supplements and food.
  • The diet plan addresses fitness and supplementation.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The diet plan is not backed by scientific research.
  • Dieters will restrict caloric intake.
  • The fitness portions require you visit a local gym or perform structured fitness programs.
  • There are no customer testimonials associated with the diet plan.
  • The diet plan requires you to take several supplements that contain a variety of stimulants.


We liked the Bizzy Diet until one claim surfaced. When the creators of the diet stated dieters could lose 20 pounds in a month, a red flag was raised. The average weight loss is approximately two pounds per week under the right circumstances. Losing 20 pounds in three weeks equates to six pounds per week. You would need to dedication all of your time to proper diet, exercise and supplementation. There is no indication of starting weight, physical condition or other extenuating circumstances. The plan is ideal for individuals in perfect condition that adhere to strict calorie counting and fitness. We feel as if the average dieter will not like all of the restrictions the Bizzy Diet puts in place.

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