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BKI Weight Loss Center is at the center of a heated controversy in various locations in Texas. The center claims to support dieters losing 40 pounds in 40 days with HCG shots. According to various rip-off reports, the company is known for taking the full price for treatment upfront and then disappearing without a trace. HCG therapy for weight loss is not proven safe or effective. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is released in the female body during pregnancy. There is no verifiable link between HCG and extreme weight loss.

There is no official website for BKI Weight Loss Center, but we found a Lifestyles Magazine of Denton County promoting an HCG weight loss program for BKI Weight Loss Center. The article goes into detail about how HCG can help a dieter lose weight, but offers no information on the weight loss center or credentials for the program. Contact information for BKI Weight Loss Center includes a phone number and website. The website is no longer functional.

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HCG weight loss injections.

Product Features

The majority of the information we found for the BKI Weight Loss Center was published on various rip-off report websites. According to consumers, the company charges between $1,500 and $1,600 for HCG injections. After the first couple of injections, the company disappeared without a forwarding address or phone number. Dieters who spent money on the program were left without any information on where they could continue treatment. One consumer claims to have received a follow-up email stating the company was looking for a new location, but no further contact was made.

A doctor and a nurse (who happened to lose her license) ran BKI Weight Loss Center. The two business partners supposedly traveled outside the country to buy HCG for a fraction of the price they resold the product for in the United States.

BKI Weight Loss Center is a fraud. The company takes money from dieters and does not live up to the weight loss claims. HCG injections are not safe for everyone and should only be prescribed during carefully monitored situations with a medical doctor tracking health.

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  • None.


  • HCG weight loss effects are not proven.
  • BKI Weight Loss Center has no official website.
  • Consumer complaints include theft.


BKI Weight Loss Center seems to be limited to Texas, but the company could have moved to a new state after shutting down Texas clinics and stealing consumer money. There are multiple consumer complaints claiming BKI Weight Loss Center took the program fee and did not fulfill all HCG injections. This is a huge red flag for consumers looking into HCG weight loss. If the clinic claims 40 pounds of weight loss in 40 days, it could be BKI Weight Loss Center operating under a different name.

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