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Every once in a while the weight loss industry introduces the next big super-ingredient. Hoodia, raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extracts were all introduced by some celebrity doctor or nutrition expert before hitting the big time. Black Bean Extract may be the next hoodia. We noticed on multiple websites selling black bean extract and in multiple product descriptions for the supplement that Dr. Mehmet Oz (at some point) supported the extract. We have found multiple instances where Dr. Oz simply mentioned a product and sales went through the roof. Some experts say he is single-handedly responsible for the popularity of ingredients like raspberry ketones.

List of Ingredients


  • Extract of the Black Bean

Product Features

There is very little verifiable information about black bean extract, but there are plenty of product claims. According to some descriptions, dieters can take black bean extract to boost metabolism, increased weight loss, reduce stress, fight free radical damage and even increase libido. Have trouble sleeping? Black bean extract can help there too. If we’ve learned one thing over the years it is that too good to be true is often too good to be true. We believe there is a bit of hype following black bean extract. Hype that could leave the dieter with a lighter wallet, not a lighter body.

We looked through Dr. Oz’s website and we did not find mention of black bean extract. There are multiple black bean recipes, but nothing about taking a black bean extract for weight loss. This could be because black bean extracts are not really the supplement at play. CG3, an antioxidant found in dark-pigmented foods like black beans, dark cherries and blackberries is the root supplement at play. According to some product descriptions, CG3 literally turns off the gene that tells the body to store fat and turns on the gene that promotes fat metabolism, but we were unable to find clinical support for this claim.

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  • Black beans are a healthy addition to any meal.
  • Black beans are high in fiber – supporting colon health.


  • Black bean extract is not likely to promote weight loss.
  • We did not find mention of black bean extract on the Dr. Oz website.


Black bean extract was popular for about a second and tons of weight loss websites still claim the extract works on a genetic level to promote weight loss. This claim is not backed with clinical support – so far as we could find. Eating black beans, however, is a healthy option for dieters trying to lose weight.

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