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Black China Labs is an extreme supplement company that claims to still offer ephedra products and promotes supplements with potentially dangerous ingredients. Some of the products currently available from Black China Labs include EPH Hardcore, Yellow 25X Xtreme, All Day Weight Loss System and Super Colon Flush. To the company’s credit, most of the supplements we found included the ingredients in the product description so the dieter knows exactly what they are getting into by choosing Black China Labs.

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We’ve come across our share of supplement companies that sell a few bad supplements here and there, but Black China Labs seems to be in the business of selling dangerous supplements. Many of the supplements claim to contain ephedra. Ephedra was pulled from the diet market due to reports of death associated with supplements containing ephedra. There was probably some concern about the fact that pseudoephedrine was also being used to make methamphetamines. While ephedra is still available for sale at many pharmacies, the United States government tracks all sales and regulates how much consumers can purchase. If Black China Labs products contain ephedra, they are breaking federal law.

Ephedra is not the only dangerous ingredient in Black China Labs products. Products tend to contain high doses of caffeine, synephrine and other stimulants. Garcinia cambogia is another common ingredient in Black China Labs supplements. There is some concern that this ingredient, commonly referred to as hydroxycitric acid, could cause liver damage.

After reviewing all the supplements we could find by Black China Labs, we could not find one supplement considered safe and effective for all dieters or bodybuilders. There was at least one potentially dangerous ingredient in every formula.

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  • Black China Labs is not afraid to list ingredients.
  • Prices are lower, in some cases, than comparable products from other companies.


  • Some supplements claim to contain ephedra.
  • Massive amounts of caffeine and other stimulants are used in Black China Labs supplements.
  • There is no money-back guarantee and few testimonials associated with the supplements.


Black China Labs is a small-time company that sells ephedra-based stimulants, prohormones and other dangerous supplements. There are no safe products from this company and the claim that ephedra is still being used in the company’s formulas means they are using deceptive marketing practices or they are ignoring federal law. Either way, Black China Labs is not a company we would trust.

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