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Black Mamba Hyper Review - Does This Weight-Loss Pill Really Work? Are side effects and questionable ingredients deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Black Mamba Hyper Review

I paused before I hit the “publish” button on this one, because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. We conducted some intensive online research into Black Mamba Hyper and created a detailed review, closely examining the side effects, ingredients, customer care and scientific research. Plus we looked at dozens of dieter responses and user comments from all over the web. Lastly, we summarized all of the facts and feedback we found to give you the bottom line.

EDITOR'S TIP: Substitute Black Mamba Hyper with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What is Black Mamba Hyper?

To start, Black Mamba Hyper is a weight-loss pill made by Innovative Laboratories. It contains caffeine anhydrous, ephedra extract, sida cordifolia, tannis, vasicinone, vasicine, vasicinol, phytosterols, mucins, B-aminoethylamin HCL, 4-hydroxy-phenylethylamine, DL-phenylalanine, O-methoxy-phenylethylamine, 4,2-dimethylaminoethyl, carraluma, evodiae fructus, lycopodium serratum, yohimbine HCL, thiamine propy disulfide and para-synephrine HCL. It is supposed to burn off fat, amplify energy, improve mental alertness and control appetite. You only need to take one capsule each morning with eight ounces of water. It is described as vicious, hardcore, potent and intense.

From what we can tell, Black Mamba Hyper has been available since 2010. It can be purchased online and both women and men can use this product. There are some customer reviews posted on distributor websites and the ingredient list does contain at least one that’s proven, but read on…

Side Effects – “Uh Oh?”

The first issue with Black Mamba Hyper ingredients is the fact that they may cause some annoying side effects. “If the dieter feels bad after taking a supplement, that’s not a good thing,” offers our Research Editor. “There are clinically proven products that work without adverse reactions and that’s exactly what the customer is looking for.”

One user stated, “I’ve used half the bottle and still haven’t noticed any change at all!! Just jitters.”

Another customer said, “I bought this product thinking that it would give me extra energy and help me lose some weight, but I was very disappointed. The only thing it did was give me a bad headache all day long.”

Questionable Ingredients – “Watch Out!”

We couldn’t help but notice that the capsules contain substances such as ephedra, which has been banned for use in diet products by the FDA, and synephrine HCL. These ingredients can lead to jitteriness and heart-related Black Mamba Hyper side effects. One user commented, “It made me very nauseated. I felt I could throw up at any time.”

“It makes me jittery and I have this gritty feeling I can’t describe in my throat that makes me want to drink water constantly,” said another customer.

The research we’ve done has shown if there is one facet of a diet program or fat-burner pill that’s an issue (a painful/difficult exercise routine, FDA warning, questionable ingredients) the real likelihood of prolonged weight-loss is slim. This means if Black Mamba Hyper Rush uses a formula that leads to side effects, this could be a serious deal breaker.

The Science – “Legit?”

At DietSpotlight, we prefer to see published clinical science that supports the ingredients. Sadly, we could not locate any scientific results that pertains to Black Mamba Hyper capsules. While the label is presented online, there is no reference to weight-loss studies at all. Considering the reported side effects, we’re not sure if dieters should be willing to take a chance, especially when there are supplements out there with strong customer support and a lesser chance of negative reactions.

The Bottom Line – Does Black Mamba Hyper Work?

Alrighty then, what do we have to say about this one? Many dieters are searching for a potent weight-loss product that delivers fast results. However, you need to be careful about what you buy. For instance, Black Mamba Hyper capsules are packed with ephedra and synephrine, which can lead to side effects. Not to mention, there is a clear FDA warning posted online. Needless to say, we’re not comfortable recommending this formula as a safe option.

Dieters who wish to drop serious pounds of fat and slim down, we suggest you check out a supplement made with clinically tested ingredients and is associated with few, if any, side effects. It’s also important that the formula is safe.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This supplement contains a blend of four key ingredients, which have been shown in clinical testing to help ignite metabolism and encourage fat loss. Reports of side effects are minimal and user reviews are absolutely amazing. This is exactly what we think the dieter should be looking for in a weight-loss product.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are very confident in their supplement, so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign. We can’t find anything you have to lose but those extra pounds!

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How Does Black Mamba Hyper Compare?

Previous Black Mamba Hyper Review (Updated October 31, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Black Mamba Hyper is one of those supplements that were wildly popular when ephedra was the ingredient of the century. If a dieter wanted to lose weight or an athlete wanted a ton of extra energy, they could turn to Black Mamba Hyper, but then the FDA banned ephedra and the supplement market changed. Some suppliers supported the change while others fought it. For a while, it looked like the FDA would overturn the ban, but eventually they won the legal battle and ephedra was placed on a watch list. Black Mamba Hyper contains ephedra, which means the supplement is not legal for sale in the United States.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Ephedra Extract
  • Sida Cordifolia
  • Tannis
  • Vasicinone
  • Vasicine
  • Vasicinol
  • Phytosterols
  • Mucins
  • B-Aminoethylamin HCL
  • 4-Hydroxy-Phenylethylamine
  • DL-Phenylalanine
  • O-Methoxy-Phenylethylamine
  • 4,2-Dimethylaminoethyl
  • Carraluma Extract
  • Evodiae Fructus
  • Lycopodium Serratum
  • Yohimbine HCL
  • Thiamine Propy Disulfide
  • Para-Synephrine HCL

Product Features

The inclusion of ephedra in this formula means Black Mamba Hyper is unsafe and illegal for dieters to purchase in the United States. Ephedra causes increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Combine ephedra with other stimulant ingredients and the dieter can quickly feel nausea, nervousness and anxiety.

In addition to ephedra, there are several phenyl ingredients. Phenyl ingredients are typically associated with mood. Dieters with a history of mental illness or mental condition, even a mild condition like general anxiety, should not take phenyl ingredients found in diet pills. These can cause severe mood swings. This is especially important if the dieter is taking an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication.

As if the ephedra and phenyl ingredients were not enough, synephrine is also present in Black Mamba Hyper. Synephrine is a cousin to ephedra with many of the same side effects and none of the proven benefits.

We found no information in the Black Mamba Hyper description on diet or exercise. Diet is crucial to weight loss and exercise boosts metabolism and keeps the body burning calories for hours. Dieters need to do more than take a fat burner every day to lose weight.

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  • All ingredients for Black Mamba Hyper are listed online.
  • The supplement contains caffeine - proven to boost metabolism.
  • Will cause weight loss and increase fat burn.


  • Contains ephedra - banned in the United States as a diet supplement ingredient.
  • Does not contain a proven appetite suppressant.
  • Contains multiple stimulants.
  • May cause increased blood pressure and heart rate.


Ephedra may be one of the few proven weight loss ingredients, but it is also the most dangerous. Caffeine and green tea are also proven to boost weight loss without the negative side effects associated with ephedra. Caffeine and green tea are also legal. Dieters should never buy a substance online that contains a banned ingredient. There is a good chance the formula doesn't contain ephedra and if it does, the supplement could contain too much or too little.

Black Mamba Hyper Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments about Black Mamba Hyper into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Black Mamba Hyper?

Black Mamba Hyper side effects may include jitters, insomnia, high blood pressure, and rapid heart beat.

What are the ingredients in Black Mamba Hyper?

Black Mamba Hyper ingredients are caffeine anhydrous, ephedra extract, sida cordifolia, tannis, vasicinone, vasicine, vasicinol, phytosterols, mucins, B-aminoethylamin HCL, 4-hydroxy-phenylethylamine, DL-phenylalanine, O-methoxy-phenylethylamine, 4,2-dimethylaminoethyl, carraluma, evodiae fructus, lycopodium serratum, yohimbine HCL, thiamine propy disulfide and para-synephrine HCL.

Does Black Mamba Hyper work?

Some users report good results with Black Mamba Hyper, but there are ingredients in this formula the FDA has banned. The stimulants in this product have been associated with serious side effects.

One supplement that has shown promise with weight-loss is Leptigen. It’s made with a blend of scientifically tested ingredients known to support increased metabolism.

How much does Black Mamba Hyper cost?

Black Mamba Hyper costs $39.95 a bottle.

What is Black Mamba Hyper’s BBB rating?

It doesn’t appear that Innovative Laboratories – the Black Mamba Hyper manufacturer – has a BBB rating.

How should I take Black Mamba Hyper?

Test your tolerance, first. Take one capsule in the morning with a full glass of water and food. Do this for seven to 10 days. If you respond well, you may add another capsule. Do not take more than two capsules per day.

Can I take Black Mamba Hyper if I have a health condition?

Do not take this supplement if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant. Avoid this supplement if you have a family history of high blood pressure, thyroid, heart, or kidney disease, or diabetes. Do not use this product if you have anxiety, depression, or seizures. You should not use this medication if you are on MAOIs, or any medications that contain stimulants or pseudoephedrine.

What do users like about Black Mamba Hyper?

Some users liked that it helped with weight-loss.

What do users NOT like about Black Mamba Hyper?

Many users did not like the intense side effects, particularly jitters and insomnia, they experienced.

How do I contact the Black Mamba Hyper customer service department?

We cannot find an official website for the manufacturer. It’s best to contact the customer service department for the vendor where you purchased the product.

How much water should I drink while using this product?

You should drink at least two liters of water every day while you use this product.

Can I still drink coffee or tea?

You may not want to consume any other sources of caffeine while using this product.

Does Black Mamba Hyper come with a guarantee?

The product itself does not. The store where you purchased the product may let you return it for a refund. Check their policies.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Black Mamba Hyper?

At this time, there are no discounts or deals. We suspect the product has been discontinued due to the use of potentially harmful ingredients. If you’re still looking for a weight-loss supplement, you could get a Special Trial Offer of Leptigen. It is made with scientifically tested ingredients. Click here to give it a try.

64 User Reviews About Black Mamba Hyper

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  • 1

    Mamba give lot of energy and loss my fat


  • 2
    Prateek khanna

    I am astmetic can i use black mamba..?


    Devon (Editor)

    The formula shouldn’t conflict with your asthma. To be sure please ask your doctor.


  • 3
    bhagyashree bhagat

    for girls is it safe to use….or is there any side effect



    find a good diet plan first.avoid this product take some natural supplements to control your appetite like garcinia Cambogia from alwaysayurveda…



    Does it cause any problem fr girls? I was said u cant become pregnant in future, Is it true ?


    Devon (Editor)

    For fertility concerns and the like please take the formula to your doctor for you safety.


    Your Name

    But is it even .5% true?


    Stephen (Editor)

    We’ve not heard reports of dieters experiencing infertility as a result. However the official site prohibits taking this product if you are nursing or pregnant.


  • 4

    I have been use from last 6 days but me haven’t seen any result can uh tell me what diet should I follow


    Cameron (Editor)

    Hi, Shivam, any low calorie, low-carb diet will greatly improve your chances of weight loss. The Black Mamba Hyper doesn’t offer a particular diet for those who take it.


  • 5

    hi my age is 35 yr i will take black mamba from tomorrow onwards can you please advise what side effect will create after this use and sex problem also


    Stephen (Editor)

    Well, Suraj, this product contains Ephedra, which is an illegal ingredient in the US for its addictive and jittery properties. Side effects are not guaranteed however you should express caution.


  • 6
    Your Name

    2 capsules per day what is good results. …


  • 7
    Sanjay Shukla

    Yes it works defenatly to gain energy at a time of workout, But it generate same marks on the body, headache, fever, muscle weakness also. I am using this product and i feel it causes issues in my body which i have already described, So i am personally advising to all guys do not use such kind of pills whic damages your body


  • 8

    Hello sir i am taking 2 capsules 2 hours before workout but it not showing any effect no weight loss no stomach inches reduction so what to do now



    Hello sir i am taking 2 capsules 2 hours before workout from a month and protien shake but it not showing any effect no weight loss no stomach inches reduction so what to do now


    Your Name

    Take before 20 min workout and shld be diet proprely 1500 calories around u vil loss weight and heavy workout also


  • 9

    every body has different body system…i am also using ds and ds is d best fat burner i never seen before…it also work as a pre work out so dont take tension and take ds….but exercise is also very imp….so go hard and keep hard…..


  • 10
    Tarik Manchanda

    I’m taking 1 capsule in the evening before my workout its very beneficial but I want to that should I take more than 1 capsule if yes then at what time currently my body weight is 123 kgs ??? Please tell me asap ???


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Tarik. Usually Diet product are advised to be taken twice daily however to make sure you must review the label of the bottle.



    I think one pill is more enough for body damage


  • 11

    This product has best result for burning the fats but i wouldn’t recommend to the beginners and aged people because it increase your hearth beats very heavily while in workout and also at the night.
    If you workout at the morning then take the capsule before 30 min of your workout but if you are usually workout in the evening then late taking of capsule will create problem for your sleeping also !
    This product contain really heavy dosage of caffeine .
    So please start with the taking half of the capsule for first 5-10 days and keep observing your health with regards to it and then turn to 1 whole capsule.


  • 12
    Akhil sharma

    Any side effects regarding hair… I mean is there hair loss by using this product?


    Your Name

    Yes yrr I have lost too much of hair!


  • 13
    Your Name

    u can use it for a month or so and not more than that .prefer natural reduction of fat after that .and guyz I advice u to take it in the morning
    only .i took a pill last evening and m not able to sleep till now. .soo keep all these things in mind .


  • 14

    Hai im using blackmamba 20 days only weight loss 2kg ..im daily running to halfhour


  • 15
    Amar verma

    hello frndz..maine black mamba use kiya h or kr bhi raha hu..or blak mamba se maine 22kg weight kam kiya hai 40 din main..bas kabhi bhi koi bhi fat burner ho 3month k baad mhi khana chahiye..3month k baad kam se kam 10month ka gaip hona chahiye..uske baad fir se use kr sakte hai..maine ek din main 3cap use kiye or workout bhi bahut kiya or accha result mila..


    mansoor khan

    Amar ji apka wahtsaap no do my no mail per


  • 16
    Raj Meena

    I use this product and loss 10 kg weight loss in one month. It is perfect with cardio workout. I have no side effects from this fat burner.


    Your Name

    Dont mind asking me..wats ur age as i m also planning to take dis and i m 30


    Your Name

    For how much time u were doing cardio..?? I jogging both morning and evening is it ok too start loosing weight


    shrikant kahar

    HI all, my name is shrikant kahar and i am suffering with fat in my body and i want reduce it so kindly suggest me this black mamba is useful for fat cut or not?and its safe for our body or harmful…give me genuine reason for it..



    The only requirement to loose weight(fat or muscle) is to remain under your calorie maintenance goal. Too much cardio is not good until it is backed up with supporting diet and eating timing. Go for 30 mins HIIT sessions 4 times a weak along with body weight exercises on remaining days.


  • 17

    Which type of diet ill take …if I consuming black mamba fat burner..



    ketogenic diet


  • 18

    m going to start the pill from today onwards..suggest me a proper diet and workout to loose weight immediately.. I m now 240 pounds and I m a powerlifter.. help me the best way to loose some weight quickly


  • 19
    Your Name

    I have taken this pills … For more then two weeks m having very high fever in night and normal in the day ..can that b side effect ..plez reply as soon as possible ..


    Your Name

    Ya its the side effect. Dont get proper sleep too. Generates lot of heat in body and keep u awake full night. Try taking in day time.


    Your Name

    dont ever take any fat burner before 6 hrs to bedtime means dont take after 7pm


  • 20

    Good but very high caffeine


  • 21

    Hi I never I use black mamba now a days I friend suggested in gym to reduce the fat .my question is if I use this product can I get side effects and more my friend said if use this product sexual it will poor. Am in dynamo now a days


  • 22

    it is safe but u have to maintaine ur diet i am using this product and i loss more than 7 kg in a 1 and half month but u have to workout hard also


  • 23

    I had been using this pill since a couple of months but I am not finding any results, I am taking it after my work out, half an hour before my breakfast. pls suggest.



    It has to be taken before the workout



    Have it 15 mint before ur workout with empty stomach


    Your Name

    please take early morning and half hour before workout. Soofi.


  • 24

    After taking pill,do i need any workout


    Your Name

    absolutely yessss.


  • 25

    Intake of black Mamba Have hair loss …or any side


  • 26
    jay khatri

    side effect and 20 capsuls price


  • 27

    Is their any side effects by taking this product. Pls reply n do the needful.


  • 28

    Is it safe to take as I m taking black
    mamba n result of weight loss is seen in
    how many days n should do diet control n
    exercise with it. walk fir 1/2 n he is


  • 29
    Your Name

    will it test positive in a drug test?


  • 30

    Is it safe to take as I m taking black mamba n result of weight loss is seen in how many days n should do diet control n exercise with it. walk fir 1/2 n he is enough



    Is it safe to take as I m taking black mamba n result of weight loss is seen in how many days n should do diet control n exercise with it. walk fir 1/2 n he is enough



    dear ritu,
    you have to maintain diet with black mamba u have to drink protein shake zero crabs as well and black mamba is best suppliment for fat loss ,if u have any physical problem like thairoid or aasthma many more extra then first consult with ur doctor

    thank and regards


  • 31

    mai ye pta kerna chata hu hu ki black mamba fat burner ke kya kya side effect hai pleas tell me all side effect of all black mamba


  • 32

    i belongs to india and i want to take blackmamba fat burner.Tell me this product is effective or not.Does this product loose my weight and its side effects


  • 33

    Wat are the serious side effects of this produc?


    Your Name

    This results to cancer



    Cancer? ??


  • 34
    tarun tyagi

    I want to use this product,



    I want to use this product


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