Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen Review

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen is a television show on the FitTV channel. The recipes in this show are meant for those seeking to lose weight or simply develop better eating habits through a low carb diet. Users are encouraged to continue to develop a healthy diet and exercise along with these recipes for maximum weight loss and fitness results.

Product Features

Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen teaches people how to use healthy everyday foods. He instructs people on how to cook meals that are low in carbohydrates. Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen also teaches people on how to portion their foods. On the website there are all of the recipes that were made on the show so users can go back and get them if they missed the show. Blaine also encourages exercise and fitness along with a well-balanced and low carb diet. The website gives people the opportunity to meet Blaine and interact with other people who may be following Blaine’s eating plans. People can also watch a video, get recipes for low carb subs, and check the schedule for upcoming episodes of Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen.

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  • The Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen recipes teach people how to cook and portion their meals.
  • The Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen recipes are low in carbs so this may be a good option for those on a low carb diet.
  • There is a section on the website where people can get together to discuss the recipes, weight loss, and health.


  • Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen recipes will need to accompany a healthy diet and exercise program in order to promote weight loss.
  • The recipes on Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen put a lot of emphasis on low carb diets instead of a well-rounded diet.


Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen recipes do not really seem to stand out from the rest of the weight loss, low carb, and healthy diet recipes available on the market today. There is no absolute evidence to prove that this product will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using any of Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen recipes is right for them.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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6 User Reviews about Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen

  • 1

    Blaine’s low carb pancakes are the best I’ve had, I have misplaced the recipe, help! As a diabetic I appreciate being able to use is recipes.


  • 2
    darlene Isabell

    what to do when I want something to snack on after dinner?


  • 3

    interesting diet. Low carb diets usually work.


  • 4

    i read about this in the Woman’s World magazine.i would like more varity on what to eat and how to prepare there a sight on the internet for this? i am on a limited income and cannot afford the book. thank you!


  • 5
    kochen rezept

    I want to get in shape for the summer. I should really lose a few pounds for the beach season, so this recipes helped me a lot. They are really dellicious and fun to try.


  • 6

    I find the food to be good , it gave me energy and i lost 40 pounds in 3 months