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What You Should Know

The Blender Bottle is a combination of drinkware and blender, primarily marketed as a convenient and safe way to mix and consume protein shakes. It is a patented product created and sold by Sundesa. It is primarily used for mixing protein shakes, but can also be used for other culinary purposes and its official website contains several recipes for its use. Blender Bottles are sold on the official website for $8.99-$8.49 with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. They can also be purchased from several online retailers for $5.00 each, presumably without the 30-day guarantee.

List of Ingredients

Bottle is made from #7 plastic and Blender Ball is made from 100% stainless steel.

Product Features

The Blender Bottle consists of a plastic bottle with a stainless steel “Blender Ball” inside of it that resembles a spherical whisk and mixes thick liquids together. The bottle has a lid with a hole for drinking and a closeable cap. In order to use the bottle, the liquid and powder ingredients are simply inserted into the bottle, along with the Blender Ball. The bottle is then shaken by the consumer at whatever speed is desired.

Blender Bottles are sold in two sizes that come in various colors. The “Original” 28 oz size (actually holds 20 oz of liquid) Blender Bottle costs $8.99, and the “Mini” 20 oz size (actually holds 12 oz of liquid) $8.49.

The plastic used to make the Blender Bottle is plastic #7, which will not leach harmful chemicals into the liquids. It is BPA free and is compliant with FDA and European standards. The Blender Bottle should not be used with hot or warm liquids as these may cause steam and pressure to build in the cup, and the hot liquid may accidentally leak through the top. It may also not be used with pancake mix or other expanding mixtures, as they may cause the ball to leak.

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  • Available online from official website and several other websites.
  • Convenient for mixing and drinking protein shakes or other power/liquid combinations that are non-expanding.
  • Much easier to clean than a blender.
  • Made of durable and safe materials, #7 plastic and stainless steel.
  • Customer reviews are available on several websites.


  • Cannot be used with warm or expanding liquids.>
  • Lid frequently leaks, according to customer reviews.
  • The “20 oz” size only actually holds 12 oz of liquid, and the “28 oz” size holds 20 oz of liquid.
  • Does not perform many of the functions of a blender, such as chopping or pureeing.


The Blender Bottle is a low-cost, safe and convenient way to mix powder/liquid combinations, especially protein shakes. Unlike its name suggests, this product does not perform many of the functions of a blender, such as chopping or pureeing, although it seems to perform much like a whisk. It is effective in mixing cold, non-expanding liquids and powders, however there are numerous customer complaints that the product sometimes leaks. The Blender Bottle is not recommended for hot or expanding liquid mixes, which severely limits its usefulness, however it is a great way to mix and drink protein shakes on-the-go.

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    Just wondering if any metal from the ‘stainless steel’ ball could possibly be leached into the liquid? If a protein shake, let’s say, sits in the blender bottle for a few hours before consuming, for instance. Thanks! :-)