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The Blood Type Diet, or the Eat Right for Your Type Diet, was created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. On the official website, the diet is explained as being the genetic solution to weight loss. Just like parents pass along eye color and hair color traits; they pass along blood specific traits that can cause weight problems. The Blood Type Diet aims to help dieters find the right program for their success based on blood type.

A brief description of each blood type diet is given, but the description may be more disheartening for some dieters, especially those with type O blood. A community of dieters, products and formulas suggested for use with the Blood Type Diet and contact information is available online.

List of Ingredients

Diet and exercise suggestions based on blood type.

Product Features

According to the Blood Type Diet, there are four different categories for diet and exercise that will help the dieter lose weight. Each of the plans is based on blood type, thus the name the Blood Type Diet.

Blood Type Diet O – Intense exercise and animal proteins are the best way to lose weight. Dieters in this category should avoid dairy and gluten from wheat-based foods.

Blood Type Diet A – Yoga and Tai chi with an emphasis on vegetarian menus and organic foods.

Blood Type Diet B – Moderate exercise requiring concentration.

Blood Type Diet AB – A combination of types A and B.

For the type O dieter, the outlook on the Blood Type Diet may be negative enough to push them away from the plan. Interestingly enough, Type O blood is the most common accounting for 37% of the population. The second most common is type A. According to the Blood Type Diet, these two dieters can lose weight with plans that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. While the Type O dieter is running or playing in contact sports to lose weight, the Type A dieter can do yoga and Tai chi. This could be a huge turn off for Type O. Type B blood type does not offer any dietary suggestions at all.

While there is no cost for use of the official Blood Type Diet website, there are books, supplements and diet software available for sale. Some of the supplements are focused on the specific blood type such as the protein blend powder O or Deflect B. Supplements cost between $21 and $37 each.

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  • A wealth of information on dieting and exercise.
  • The website is free to use.
  • Forum is available to share information with other dieters or ask questions.


  • The diet plans are not equal.
  • Type O blood type is the only one the doctor claims requires intense exercise.


We shy away from plans that seem easier for one person and harder for another. The Blood Type Diet is hardest for type O which makes up the largest number of the general population.

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  • 1

    I have read and recommend the book Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type. Found a copy at the thrift store for $2.00. The idea makes more sense than any other way of eating. I have been on the new diet (its a lifestyle change) for 10 days now and I feel good. So hard to not eat corn, tomatoes, and avocados. You just have to remember your “avoid” lists. I have much more to learn on the topic. I wish the book went into greater detail. I want to see the conjugating blood with the different foods for myself someday.


  • 2
    Onkemetse Kate

    I am blood group O+ and i am really having a problem loosing weight.Can u help me wth something that can shrink my body once.I am tired of this heavy weight!!!


  • 3

    I have been eating for my blood type (A-) for about two months. It says I should be a vegetarian with high carbs that are low fat (potatoes for example). I haven’t seen much in the weight loss dept yet, but I FEEL so much better already. It was tough at first, but I have already seen a difference in how I feel when I DO eat the wrong things! It is AMAZING! My energy is weigh up, and I have cut back on medications!


  • 4

    I am 54 my blood type is 0 neg. i dont want pills i just want a menu that i can follow without having to pay for it


  • 5

    I have been do this as a way of life not a “diet” for 13 years and it is so worth it!


  • 6

    Iam 57 and weigh 95 Blood type is A +, Iam diabetic and heart patiant,please advise what food I must avoid


  • 7
    Leroy M Hindle

    My blood type is A + WHAT FOODS SHOULD I EAT


  • 8
    Tshegofatso Mpinare

    Please assist me on how to loose weight, my blood type is AB+.


  • 9

    my blood type is b+ how do i loose my weight/ belly fat


    deshaa nandii

    how to reduce my belly fat am b possetive


  • 10

    hello how do you do i am called yonas 39 years old my blood type is -o so that what diet best


  • 11

    how do i loose my weight ?
    my blood type is O.