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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Review - Does This Weight Loss System Work? Are cost and taste deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

bluestar-nutraceuticals-product-imageThere’s been plenty of talk lately about Blue Star Nutraceuticals and their products, so we did an in-depth review of this array of weight loss products, looking at the ingredients, side effects, scientific studies, customer feedback, and availability of their products. We also read as many reviews as we could find online to get a consensus opinion on their products, and we summarized what we found to give you the information you need to make your decision on this product.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine Blue Star Nutraceuticals with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What You Need to Know

Blue Star Nutraceuticals use proven ingredients, with products that contain creatine, testosterone boosters, amino acids, proteins, and fat burning ingredients. These ingredients do have some scientific research proving their claims, and the products are convenient and easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals has been around for about 6 years. Their products contain muscle building, weight loss, fat burning, and testosterone boosters, and they’re based in Canada. Their products can be purchased from their professional-looking website, and they even offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, which is encouraging, but read on…

Price – Costs quickly add up with Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Blue Star Nutraceuticals does offer a money-back guarantee, which is encouraging, but with their high prices, it’s difficult for many customers to justify the cost of their formula stacks. “Because they encourage you to combine multiple products into a stack,” said our research editor. “The monthly cost of these supplements can quickly add up to over $200 per month.” A container of protein powder costs $65 plus shipping and lasts less than 1 month, and is designed to be combined with additional fat burning supplements that can quickly make Blue Star Nutraceuticals unaffordable.

“I couldn’t afford the recommended stack, but the protein powder did provide some muscle growth for me,” said one user.

“I’m sure the stacks are beneficial for those that can afford them, but that won’t be me any time soon,” said another.

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Taste – Another Concern

Our second glaring fault with this product was the sweet taste. Normally this would be a positive thing, but most reviews claim that the flavors offered by Blue Star Nutraceuticals are too sweet and sugary, making it difficult to drink with water alone. “This formula is way too sweet for me, there’s no way I could work out after drinking this,” said one review.

“Blue Star doesn’t taste horrible, but it’s way too sweet for me, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” said another. One thing we noticed was that many reviewers were able to mix this with almond milk to tone down the taste. “I drank this with almond milk, and that made the sweet taste much more bearable,” said one such customer.

While researching products for weight loss and fitness, we’ve found that whenever there is a something overly difficult about a weight loss supplement or routine (taste, cost, inconvenience, side effects, etc.) it is more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. If Blue Star Nutraceuticals really does have a taste that is too sweet, it could be difficult to achieve long term success with their products.

If you are set on trying Blue Star Nutraceuticals, some things you can do to minimize the negatives with this supplement are to replace just one meal a day with this meal replacement shake. We also recommend that you mix this supplement with almond milk, or another substrate other than water to minimize the sweet taste.

The Science

Blue Star Nutraceuticals has a plethora of claims that are backed by science, but most of these studies are only about their ingredients, and not their specific blend of ingredients. There have been no published studies proving that Blue Star Nutraceuticals is a more effective product than more affordable alternatives. Because of the high price of this supplement, it’s important that published data proves that the high cost is providing premium results. At DietSpotlight, scientific research is an important part of a product’s success, and without it, a company’s claims are worthless.

The Bottom Line

Blue Star Nutraceuticals was a product that we were highly interested in reviewing. This product is easy to find online, has a professional website with excellent customer service, and offers some weight loss results. We are unable to recommend this as a weight loss product however, because more affordable products exist that offer the same or better results. We’re also concerned about the quickly escalating price of these supplements and the overly sweet taste that many users have mentioned.

If you’d like a great alternative that will help you slim down, we suggest that you find a weight loss supplement that offers the positive results that this product offers, but at an affordable price point and with science that proves it works better than alternative products. We also suggest you find a product without the poor taste that many people have seen with Blue Star Nutraceuticals.

One of our favorite products so far this year is called Leptigen. It contains a proprietary blend of just four ingredients that have all been proven to boost weight loss by improving fat burning and improving metabolism. Leptigen is also free from side effects, and reviews online are primarily positive with users seeing consistent weight loss.

The makers of Leptigen are currently offering a special trial offer, which is a positive indication that they’re confident that you’ll love their product.

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What You Should Know

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Blue Star Nutraceuticals makes body-building, fat-burning and testosterone-building supplements and protein powders. Its most popular product, “Blue Star ISO-Smooth,” is a protein powder sold through its official website and other online retailers and in offline supplement retailers in Canada and the US. The official website utilizes bold and racy marketing, such as claims that its natural testosterone supplement will help men have sex with other mens’ wives, and is apparently marketed mainly towards male body-builders.


Blue Star Nutraceuticals’ official website features two customer testimonials from award-winner body-builders, and offers a 60-day 100% guarantee on all of its products. However, there are no free samples offered. A few customer reviews on other websites give mixed reviews, but a review of its ISO-Smooth protein powder described it as low in protein content compared with other protein powders. There are no warnings given for any of its products, however the active ingredients are listed for each product.

Product Features

The products offered by Blue Star Nutraceuticals include Blade fat-burning, Power XD advanced creatine, TRIBXD natural testosterone booster, BCAAXD branch chain amino acids, GlutamineXD recovery powder, Extreme Rush preworkout powder, ISO-Smooth protein (chocolate and vanilla) and Status booster. The official website also offers “stacks”, or combination packages for Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Bodybuilding and Elite Athlete.


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  • Blue Star Nutraceuticals products are easily available online from its official website, other websites and offline retailers.
  • Blue Star Nutraceuticals offers a 60-day refund on all of its products.
  • Encourages an active fitness regimen to be combined with its products in order to achieve desired results.



  • There are no free samples available from the official website.
  • There are few customer reviews available online and no customer testimonials offered on the official website.
  • Marketing is aimed at a limited group of consumers, mainly male body-builders.
  • Some reviews of ISO-Smooth protein powder claim that its protein content is low compared to other protein powders.  


Blue Star Nutraceuticals has a sleek website that apparently aimed at men. Its most popular product, the ISO-Smooth protein powder, has mixed reviews online, including the comment that its protein content is low compared to other protein powders. There are two customer testimonials on the website from award-winning body-builders and a few customer reviews available online with mixed results. The 60-day guarantee policy means interested consumers can try this product and receive a full refund if not satisfied with the results. There are no warnings for any of the products on the website, so customers should carefully research each ingredient individually for warnings and possible side effects.>

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    Where can I get it ? I live in Edmonton. Thanks


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    Their freight charges are outrageous. They ram up their freight charges to make more profits. Their products are just hype. There is a lot better value on the market. I made the mistake of buying from them — never again.


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    BSN is awesome. They have promos all the time. I won 2 products free from them and Iso-Smooth is by far one of the best tasting and most effective proteins. I have worked out a lot in my life time and I was getting gains and strength more so using this protein than all the others. It was also NEVER rough on my stomach like cheap protein. What other brand gives you 30g a scoop? Seriously?


  • 4

    Why don’t you link the reviews talking about Iso-Smooth having a lower protein content than other protein powders?


    mr reed

    most people don’t even know, that the human liver can only process 20 grams of protein at a time(per meal. the rest will be wasted. so a lot of people are mislead and over spending on protein. if anyone doesn’t believe it. do you research you will be amazed


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    can you send me info on where you found that ?


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