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There are plenty of internal cleansing aids on the market today. The majority of these products and supplements aim to flush out the user’s digestive tract, while replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals. BluePrint Cleanse, a company founded back in 2000 by Zoe Sakoutis, offers nutritional cleansing systems, which are sold in varying levels (potency). This is purposely to meet different needs regarding the individual’s dietary habits. It is important to understand that BluePrint Cleanse, also known as BPC, is supposed to be consumed in place of meals. This offers the body a chance to flush out all waste, and become revitalized to some degree.

BluePrintCleanse is a group of juice beverages that can be acquired in three different levels. These are known as Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation. To give you a better idea of how many beverages are involved with one level, the Renovation Cleanse consists of six different beverages. According to the primary website, this gateway cleansing system will leave users craving the next two levels. Essentially users are supposed to feel utterly restored and revitalized after finishing the Renovation Cleanse. Regardless of where you live, BluePrintCleanse can be shipped to all parts of the United States.

List of Ingredients

These beverages contain a blend of raw fruit and vegetable juices, in addition to key enzymes and spices, such as Cayenne Pepper and Ginger. The juices incorporated into are BluePrintCleanse drinks are 100 percent natural and unpasteurized.

Product Features

The BluePrintCleanse is a type of internally cleansing system that can be acquired in three different levels. The cost of one day on one of these juice programs is $75 when you have it delivered to your door. Three days will cost you $195. For individuals residing in New York, there are certain locations specified on the main website where you can pick up BluePrintCleanse juice products. The core ingredients in these cleansing aids are raw fruits and vegetables, which offer plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, and important vitamins.

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  • Testimonials are presented on the main website.
  • Contact information is provided on the primary website.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for the body.


  • The cost of one day on BluePrintCleanse is $75, which is pretty expensive for most people.
  • Some dieters will not like the idea of consuming fruit and vegetable beverages in place of meals.
  • There does not appear to be any money-back guarantee with BluePrintCleanse products.
  • Systems like BluePrintCleanse do not really encourage permanent weight reduction, but are rather more for colon cleansing.


When it comes down to it, fresh fruits and vegetables are always good for you. However, $75 for one day of fruit and vegetable beverages is very high priced for many dieters. Finally, there is not really any real fat reduction when you consume fruit/vegetable smoothies for a day or two. This system will more or less just encourage bowel movements.

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    what is the price



    Over $300 if you choose cleanse for more than 4 days


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