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Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Blues Buster lighting accessories are full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic the sun’s light and claim to reduce eye strain and improve mood problems caused by lack of sunlight. There is little information available about the company on its website, but there is a toll-free phone number for more information about its products. Blues Buster lights can also be purchased from several online retailers and offline retailers.

There are no customer testimonials on the official website. There seems to be no scientific basis for the company’s claims that the lights can reduce eye strain or relieve mood problems caused by a lack of sunlight. The Blues Buster website gives a few historical facts about light bulbs, but little else besides offering its products for sale. There are no free samples or guarantees offered on the official website

Product Features

Blues Busters full-spectrum lights use a special glass that removes the yellow and brownish spectrum colors from light to give the light a more natural feel, similar to sunlight. The website claims the bulbs last longer and burn more brightly than most other light bulbs. There is no evidence or explanations given to support the claims of reduce eye glare or mood improvement.

There are several types of light bulbs of various wattages offered from Blues Buster on its official website, including incandescent, fluorescent, and flood lights.

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  • Products claim to last longer, burn brighter, reduce eye strain and improve mood compared to other light bulbs.
  • Convenient to purchase online or offline.
  • Toll-free number is available for more information.


  • There is no scientific data, customer testimonials or explanations given to substantiate the company’s claims about their products’ superiority to other light bulbs.>
  • There are no free samples or guarantees offered on the official website.
  • There is little information given about the products on the official website.


Blues Buster lighting accessories offer full-spectrum light bulbs that claim to last longer, burn brighter, reduce eye strain and improve moods for problems caused by lack of sunlight. Unfortunately, none of these claims are substantiated or explained scientifically on its official website. There is also very little information available about these products online, as well as few customer reviews. The company does not offer any guarantees for its products on its website, nor does it offer free samples, so customers cannot know if these products actually work. A toll-free number is available for ordering and, presumably, for more information about these products.

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