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Founded in Arizona in 1993, BNG Enterprises is the parent company of Gentle Care and Natural Treasures lines of products. The company describes itself as a “medium-sized” family-operated and owned business – seemingly promoting a close-knit environment in which all areas of product development can be closely examined. It is because of said hospitality and a sense of camaraderie within the company that allows the company to focus on ’exceeding the standards of most production facilities’. BNG Enterprises hopes to surpass all customer expectations.


BNG Enterprises oversees two different types of products. Their Gentle Care line is designed to provide a source of specialty merchandise that targets the health, comfort, and well-being of babies through the use of natural and chemical-free ways. Their other line of products is marketed as Natural Treasures. The Natural Treasure products have a variety of different uses, but are mainly focused on natural supplements. Most of their products range in price from $10 to $30. Gentle Care and Nautral Treasures products can be purchased online through the BNG Enterprises website. A store-locator application also exists to assist the consumer in buying BNG products elsewhere at natural health and food stores.


Product Features

Gentle Care has a range of products focused on the well-being of children, such as: baby powder, vapor rubs, and sleep-aid medicines. The products strive to aid children in achieving better health and a sense of smoothness and calmness for all. All products are advertised that they are made without the use of flavors, unnatural or artificial colors, and other undesirables. Their other products also inform the consumer that items such as their vapor rubs and “Gripe Water” are petroleum and paraben-free. Their Butt Dust baby powder is also claimed to be talc-free.


BNG Enterprises’Natural Treasures also provides the consumer with a variety of natural supplements and natural specialty products. These options range the gamut from appetite suppressants, arthritis relief, self-described cleansing sexual enhancement formulas, to topical health creams.

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  • BNG Enterprise products are available to be purchased online through the company’s website.
  • Gentle Care products avoid unsafe and undesirable chemicals.
  • Natural Treasures provides an array of naturally-derived supplements for personal development  



  • The official website lacks testimonies of customers
  • It seems as though other BNG products exist that are not sold on the official website.
  • The online products lack nutritional information as well as a full list of ingredients.


BNG Enterprises strives to offer an array of natural products addressing the health needs of young children as well as dietary, health, and intimate needs of consumers. The fact that one can purchase their products directly from the company’s website is convenient. The company also seems to stress the importance of customer service and satisfaction. Despite this, the lack of complete ingredient and nutritional information seems to backfire the all-natural and healthy claim the company prides itself on so much.

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    how do i use the mail-in rebate that came with the product. QCARBO 16OZ? WHERE DO I SEND IT TO?.