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Robert Barefoot is a controversial, and to an extent, notorious, self-described chemist. Canadian by origin, Barefoot has been in the health, oil, energy, and chemical industries for decades. Most of his current research focuses on the use of vitamins and minerals and exploring how they fight disease. His most important and well-known contribution to the field of health and dieting is his promotion of coral calcium.


It must be noted that Barefoot does not have a college degree. Although he attended college and received training in chemistry, he only has a certificate. Despite this, he has written numerous articles, spoken at lectures, and published a few books. One book in particular, The Calcium Factor, was co-edited with a doctor who was stripped of his medical license.

Product Features

Coral calcium, the product that Barefoot loves to promote so much, is a dietary supplement that claimed to be from the remnants of living coral that have somehow been harvested by nature (as it is illegal to harvest coral in almost all parts world). Limestone is made by coral to be used a protective shell. It is from this limestone protective shell that coral calcium is produced. It is, in essence, ground up limestone. Another name for limestone is calcium carbonate, which has already been produced in purified pill form for a while now. How does this connect to Barefoot? Since his research deals with the role of vitamins and minerals and their impact on disease, he states that calcium-deficiency is the main cause for all diseases. Following this logic (or illogic), calcium supplements can cure things even as life-threatening as cancer. It should also be noted that the FDA does not regulate dietary supplemental products, so it is easy to claim such miraculous medical wonders.

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  • Coral calcium contains traces of minerals unavailable from most other calcium supplements. 



  • Barefoot does not have enough educational background to make any medical claims whatsoever.
  • A very serious lawsuit called upon Barefoot for his knowledge and expertise, but he was dismissed as the court thought he was unsuitable
  • The website seems to lack an dietary or health information to accompany the chocolate consumption
  • A ConsumerLab reported revealed that Barefoot’s product contains 2.5 micrograms of lead per gram of calcium. In California, law requires that products exceeding the “no significant risk level” of 1.5 micrograms of lead provide a warning label—which Barefoot’s product does not. Simply put, he is breaking the law.


Robert Barefoot is not a legitimate source to receive any type of medical information from whatsoever. He has had serious lawsuits against him in the past and will most likely continue into the future. His claims are dubious at best. He once stated that there are seven cultures around the world that never, ever, ever get sick – this is just preposterous. Is calcium intake important? Yes, as it promotes bone health and helps to prevent osteoporosis. As Stephen Barrett, an actual M.D., put it, “This can be done with dairy products, supplements, or both. Readily absorbable supplements need not cost more than a few cents a day”

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    Just bought 2 bottles of his Best chlorella. Was this a scam?