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Bob Greene’s Best Life plan incorporates small, healthy changes to make a huge difference. The official website outlines most of the plan, though there are several books written by Bob Greene supporting the diet and exercise philosophy of Bob Greene’s Best Life. The four main aspects of the Best Life are healthy eating plans, small exercise steps, calories goals that are clear and concise and support from people who truly care. The plan makes gradual changes making it easier to stick with healthy choices as opposed to falling back on old habits. Dieters gain credit for exercise giving them more flexibility with eating plans.

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Life plan created by Bob Greene.

Product Features

The website for Bob Greene’s Best Life is full of free information, so purchasing the book is not necessary to follow the diet and exercise plan, though the book outlines each step and changes in more detail. Bob Greene collaborates with companies like Benefiber, Barilla, Silk and Wishbone to create healthy options that taste good. The partnership allows Bob Greene to place a Best Life seal on approved foods. All the dieter has to do is look for the product label with the Best Life sign. Best Life also produces healthy, butter and margarine alternatives with a fraction of the fat and calories.

Just because foods are marked with the Best Life seal does not mean the dieter can eat as much of the product as they want. These foods are chosen because they contain healthier ingredients. In some cases, the calorie count and fat count remains high, so dieters must stick with the suggested serving size to lose weight and improve health.

To further encourage dieters to stick with healthy eating and fitness plans, Bob Greene’s Best Life website offers a rewards program. Dieters earn points for participation and reaching goals. More points add up to more rewards. Some of the available rewards include gym towels, backpacks and balance ball kits. Reward points are also offered on Best Life products and for uploading personal videos.

Bob Greene’s Best Life costs $4.95 a month for full access to the website. The rewards program could offset this cost if the dieter is very active in the community.

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  • Promotes healthy eating and exercise.
  • Foods are high in fiber and low in bad fats.


  • Paying for access to the website provides no physical diet benefits.
  • The cost could be more than some dieters are willing to pay.
  • Some Best Life foods are expensive.


Bob Greene’s Best Life is a compilation of small changes anyone can do to make a big difference in life. There is no mention of supplements used on the program, so the dieter could follow Bob Greene’s Best Life and take a supplement to promote even more weight loss.

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