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Bob Harper is a fitness professional and exercise buff that trains contestants on the Biggest Loser television show. In addition to being a celebrity, Bob Harper also writes self-help books to teach dieters how to lose weight and keep it off with personal, lifestyle changes. Bob Harper: Are You Ready! offers a unique message of self-worth that supports healthy eating and exercise habits.

Bob Harper: Are You Ready! is sold on for less than $5. The book contains 240 pages and 10 chapters.

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Weight loss diet and exercise book.

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Bob Harper: Are You Ready! spans 10 chapters with each chapter addressing a different weight loss and exercise concern. The author discusses feelings of self-worth and coaches readers how to reconnect with their bodies. The first four chapters are dedicated to rethinking the impossible and forgiving yourself for the wrongs you have done to your body.

Chapter 5 starts the education part of Bob Harper: Are You Ready! Harper discusses the weight loss eating plan, healthy choices, unhealthy choices and proper eating habits. Food is the topic of chapters 6 and 7 as well. These chapters cover food journaling and battling stress to maintain healthy eating choices.

Chapter 8 talks about fitness and exercise routines. Bob Harper: Are You Ready! lays out more than 60 exercises that are easy to complete with very few pieces of fitness equipment. There are also three complete weeks of workouts that get progressively harder from week one to week three.

Consumer reviews of Bob Harper: Are You Ready! are generally good. There is some concern that the dieter needs to purchase fitness equipment for some exercises, but with more than 60 exercises to choose from, there are bound to be quite a few that utilize no equipment at all. The main complaint about the book is the lack of new information. Dieters who have been trying to lose weight for any length of time are likely to have heard these topics and pieces of advice before.

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  • Healthy eating plan.
  • Discusses problems with dieting and ways to solve those problems.
  • Pictures illustrate many of the exercises.
  • There complete weeks of workouts.


  • Workouts may be too hard for elderly or extremely overweight dieters.
  • No new information compared to other fitness and dieting books.


Overall, Bob Harper: Are you Ready! manages to get across the positive attitude Bob Harper is known for. The author is a trained professional and celebrity fitness instructor for the Biggest Loser. Pictures are clear and concise making it easier to perform exercises at home. While there may not be a lot of new information, the diet and workout regime is simple enough for all dieters to follow.

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