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Bob Harper, most well known as one of the fitness trainers on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, details his dietary and exercise guidelines for those who cannot compete on his show, in his book, Are You Ready? We will take a closer look at this book and what he recommends to see how well it can work for those who are looking to make a lifestyle change to live a longer, healthier life, without the additional weight.

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The Bob Harper Diet focuses on helping people identify why they overeat, and then teach them ways they can deal with the causes, so they can stop overeating and see some permanent weight loss results. Without addressing the root cause, dieting and exercising will not help, because it will just be an endless cycle. His program doesn’t involve dieting, but instead focuses on making healthy eating choices and portion control.

The Bob Harper Diet focuses on eating a balance of carbs, protein, and fats. It does restrict carbs to a degree, so you can opt for the healthier carbs like those found in fruit and whole grain. The idea is to eat before you give yourself a chance to feel hungry, so that you are less likely to submit to the cravings for bad food. Depending on how active you are and how much you weigh, you can eat up to six small meals a day.

The book includes a variety of sample meal plans, and tips for how to eat when you have to go out, or when you have limited time, or when you’re on vacation. It also recommends working out on a regular basis to strengthen and tone the body, as well as to boost weight loss efforts. Exercise plans are included in the book.

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  • Healthy eating is encouraged.
  • Exercise is encouraged.
  • Addresses the root causes of overeating.


  • This does not include recipes.
  • People who do not have problems with emotional overeating may not find this appealing.
  • People who are just getting started may have problems with the exercise program.
  • People may have trouble staying motivated because it can take time for results to show.
  • People will have to take a lot of time to plan and prepare their meals.


The Bob Harper Diet is a healthy approach for those who are looking to lose weight, but if overeating is not the cause, it may be difficult to see results. For those who want a bit of a boost to their efforts, using a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner alongside the diet and exercise program.

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    Monica owens

    Bob Harper has 3 products and I am confused if I take all 3 and if so in what order