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Boda Extract No. 3 is yet another one to add to the list of all natural weight loss products. In addition to being able to help you lose weight, this product claims to be able to increase lean muscle mass. The more muscle mass your body has, the more you’ll weigh since muscle weighs more than fat, but, you’ll be able to burn more fat faster, helping you lose fat. Does this product meet the grade? Read this review to see what we think.

List Of Ingredients

Boda Extract No. 3 contains the following ingredients: conjugated linoleic acid from linoleic acid in Safflowers.

Product Features

Boda Extract No. 3 works by addressing four areas. The product works on the fat cells in the body known as adipocytes, by decreasing their frequency and size in the body. With fewer, smaller, fat cells, the overall amount of fat in the body is reduced. The product also handles the fats that come from our foods, known as triglycirides, by prohibiting some of the bad cholesterol or LDL from making it to our bodies in the first place and moving the fat to the cells where they are stored in the body. Boda Extract No. 3 also addresses the process of “cell suicide” known as apoptosis. It causes the body to kill more fat cells. The final area Boda Extract No. 3 addresses is CPT. This is the enzyme that moves the fat to be used as energy. When fat is used as energy, it is removed from the body, rather than stored.

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  • Boda Extract No. 3 is an all natural weight loss supplement, made using essential fatty acids our body needs for optimal health.


  • Boda Extract No. 3 contains no proven appetite suppressants or fat burners, two things we look for when evaluating the effectiveness of a product.
  • A one month’s supply costs approximately $47, which may be pricey for some.
  • For best results, the product recommends a 12 week use, which means customers will spend around $150.
  • This product claims to work without changing diet or adding an exercise routine.


Boda Extract No. 3 is not a recommended product for weight loss. Though it is recognized as safe by the FDA, it doesn’t feature any appetite suppressants or fat burners. We tend not to trust products that claim to work without dietary adjustments and physical activity. For the best weight loss results, follow a balanced diet and regular exercise program. Add in a proven weight loss supplement to accelerate weight loss.

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