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The Bodydoctor by David Marshal promises the reader that “In 6 Weeks Take 5 Inches Off Your Waist, Lose a Stone, Double Your Fitness.” This compact full-color manual is brought to you by a celebrity trainer who has worked with numerous stars and British supermodels, prompting a popular London paper to call him “the gym’s answer to The Naked Chef.” The program outlined in the book includes exercise sequences that anyone can use regardless of level of fitness. The Bodydoctor claims you will see astonishing results purely because it teaches you how to maximize your energy expenditure. All you need is basic equipment. The program also offers a diet plan, the combination of fitness and nutrition aims to help the reader lose weight faster than they ever thought possible.

David Marshall is one of the biggest names in fitness in the United Kingdom. His Bodydoctor gym in London is frequented by celebrities, pop stars and models looking for quick results. David also serves as a government adviser on health in state schools and hospitals. Twenty-five years of David’s personal research have gone into the creation of Bodydoctor.

Product Features

Bodydoctor by David Marsall aims to be a comprehensive guide to weight loss and exercise. At 192 pages this full-color food and fitness manual includes an exercise section written by Marshall and a meal planning and advise section written by a nutritionist who is not created in the online publicity. The exercises in Bodydoctor use gym equipment including the Swiss Ball and hand weights; they have to be done in the stated order so the muscles are worked in the right sequence. There are photos to accompany each exercise in order to make them understandable. The Bodydoctor diet plan is based on the idea of consuming low glycemic index foods, it also addresses the problems with sugar and insulin that many people feel makes them resistant to weight loss. Bodydoctor is written in a conversational, chatty tone which extends to the section on interviews and case studies for Marshall’s celebrity clients. The book is available on for about 25 pounds. American consumers will have to check the currency exchange rate at thee time of their purchase.

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  • Bodydoctor was written by an experience personal trainer with an impressive client list.
  • Bodydoctor contains both fitness and nutrition programs.


  • On its own, Bodydoctor does not offer any kind of specific tools for maintaining motivation, fighting cravings or suppressing the appetitie.
  • The online reader reviews for Bodydoctor are a pretty mixed bag. Average people seem to like it while professional trainers are markedly less enthusiastic.


Bodydoctor is a relatively compact book, at 192 pages. The pages are laid out with large full-color photos and little text. From what can be seen of the book online it seems to be not much more than an illustrated exercise manual. There is supposed to be a nutrition section, but little information appears on that feature. The name of the contributing author isn’t even mentioned online. Instead of comprehensive information the marketing strategy for Bodydoctor relies a lot on mentioning David Marshall’s celebrity clients and their success stories. But the average reader, who doesn’t have access to the personal assistants, chefs, trainers and stylists that celebrities rely on, might want more reassurance that a program will work; and the marketing for Bodydoctor just doesn’t supply that. In addition, fitness books, even the very good ones, are not necessarily weight loss tools. They rely too much on self-motivation to keep users involved in their programs. They don’t address the food cravings and energy slumps that may cause a dieter to give up on their goals. Overall fitness is a great thing, but the consumer seeking weight loss as well may need to add a supplement to help them burn fat and boost metabolism. There are a number of proven, well-researched diet aids on the market that would serve the needs of those consumers. Look for real clinical research over celebrity endorsements to find the best product for your needs.

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