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What You Should Know

Body Burner’s company, Body Flex, connects the possible achievements associated with Body Burner to similar ones achieved with jumping rope. Both products allow the exerciser to stimulate leg muscles, yet jumping rope creates painful and undesirable cramps and stress. But what is it exactly? The Body Burner is a small trampoline – advertised as a rebound unit – that targets alleviating stress to knees, lower back, and joints while one exercises. It was created by John Abdo, the eponymous creator of the AB-Doer. The product is claimed to be designed to accommodate a variety of unique workout routines. It is on the market for about $90 on a variety of websites.


Product Features

The Body Burner advertises itself as a flawless cardio workout. Like many exercise products, it strives to lower body fat, increase performance in sports, develop one’s agility, improve balance and coordination, and stimulate cardiovascular and respiratory systems among other things. The Body Burner rebound unit is unique among similar products as it contains tilting mechanisms. These tilting abilities allow a variety of workout routines to be performed upon it. For example, one can do front lunges, and with the tilting mechanisms, create an incline at a resistance to steadily build up muscle strength. The Body Burner complete package also includes a DVD with workout routines, a nutritional guide, and a personal assistant stability bar.


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  • The Body Burner presents a fun alternative to often strenuous exercise.
  • Tilting mechanisms increase range of possibilities of usage.
  • Small size makes it convenient to store in places as opposed to many other colossal exercise products and equipment.
  • Product comes complete with much supplemental information, products, and instruction. 



  • Could just be as easily a trampoline for children.
  • That being said, one could buy a small trampoline for a cheaper price.
  • Some users report that the product actually caused more joint and knee pain.
  • The mat could become dangerous if one does not exercise caution.


All in all, the Body Burner rebound unit could be an effective way to tone and develop muscles. The tilting mechanisms also allow for creativity in regards to workout routines which cannot be found on similarly advertised products. The fact that the product is in essence just a small trampoline could attract parents as they could use it for workout purposes while children could play on it while it is not in use. At the same time, this creates a major problem because it seems as though one could simply buy a normal trampoline and could probably achieve similar results.

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  • 1
    Nanci H.

    Need DVD workout routine. I have the trampoline. How do I find site to order DVD, or parts for THE BODY BURNER, TM.
    HELP !!!!


  • 2
    Magdalena Manzano

    I have the small Body Burner trampoline, and need to replace the mat. Can you tell me where I can find one?


  • 3

    my body burner squeaks. Any suggestions? I tried wd40 but i think it is the fabric straps on the betal making the squeak???? help.


  • 4
    Gerald White

    How many cals in a carrot stick/


    Nanci H.

    How many cals in a carrot stick? Looked for my info booklet couldn’t find it. BUT I remember that it takes more calories to digest a carrot then the amount of calories in the carrot. :)