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Are you familiar with the popular website, If so, you may be interested in the book, Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever , as it was written by Kris Gethin, the website’s editor-in-chief. The book provides a strong diet and fitness plan to help you change your body and your lifestyle for the better to make you a healthier person. There is also strong focus on staying motivated, setting, and achieving your goals.

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The main concept of the book is that sculpting your body does not come from eating the right amount of protein, doing a certain type of exercise or strength training the right number of times, or by even burning the right number of calories. Sculpting your body comes from doing the right things in terms of fitness and nutrition, but your success comes from something major that most people neglect to consider: a system of motivational support. BodySpace is a community to provide just that, within the website. Gethin says to focus on four different “pillars of power” which are: Burn and Build, Live Out Loud, Get Radical, and Take It Home. He simply means you should burn and build bridges to get positive social influence in your life. You should say out loud what your goals are so you can be held more accountable for them. If you’re public about it, you’re increasing the likelihood that you will follow through. Get radical with another group of like minded people with similar goals so you can be of assistance and get in the spirit of competition. Take it Home means to make a true change in your lifestyle for the better. The 12 week long program is designed to help you with the fitness and nutrition to help kick our body back into shape. The dietary plan promotes eating six small meals every day, where each meal contains a palm size protein and carb, a fist sized serving of vegetables, and no more than a tablespoon worth of condiment. Drink a gallon of water per day, and take supplements to help you increase recovery time and build more muscle. Your fitness routine should frequently change to “shock” your body and keep it guessing.

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  • This includes a simple eating plan.
  • This includes a detailed fitness plan.
  • This plan addresses support and motivational needs, as well.


  • The dietary plan is highly restrictive, even restricting healthy foods such as fruit, avocado, and nuts.
  • You will have to spend more time planning and preparing your meals.
  • Eating six times a day may be too time consuming for most people.
  • To follow this program, you need to either have a gym membership or home gym equipment.


For the average person, this program is too much. This is better suited for people who want to build their bodies up to be like a body builder, rather than a casual dieter.

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