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The Body by Jake Ab and Back Plus is an abdominal machine that also tones back muscles. The unit was wildly popular and then the company discontinued the product. While new sales are not currently available, it remains one of the most popular second-hand fitness machines selling today. Abdominal machines are a quick in – quick out fitness products. Most companies build a new machine, work hard on the marketing, throw the unit out there with an awesome infomercial and then discontinue the product before consumers realize it does nothing for weight loss or fitness. This is basically the story of the Body by Jake Ab and Back Plus.

List of Ingredients

Fitness machine by the Body by Jake company focusing on abs and back.

Product Features

While most ab machines focus only on the abdominal muscles, Body by Jake Abs and Back Plus offers both abs and back. There is a small arrow on the machine that users move to choose whether they want to work the ab muscles or back muscles.

The trouble with machines like this is the limited size of ab and back muscles. Large muscle groups like the leg muscles burn more calories during a workout. Dieters want to burn more calories to lose weight. The other problem is fat. If a layer of fat is sitting between the skin and abdominal muscles, the dieter could do millions of ab exercises and that six-pack will never show through.

Small discs come with the machine to increase resistance. This is ideal for back workouts, but it will not have much impact on weight loss or calorie burn.

Because the unit is no longer available new, buyers must be wary of used machines. The Body by Jake Ab and Back Plus required assembly. The unit is likely sold used fully assembled, so someone else put the unit together. This could increase the risk of injury.

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  • Works both abdominal and back muscles.
  • Comes with resistance discs.
  • A video workout is available.
  • Multiple exercises can be completed on the same machine.


  • Ab and back muscles have little impact on weight loss.
  • Only available used.
  • No warranty on used models.
  • Dieters complain that the Body by Jake Ab and Back Plus is hard to use.


We found hundreds of customer questions about the Body by Jake Abs and Back Plus. The unit is clearly still popular despite the fact that the main company no longer sells it as new. Ab machine infomercials talk about weight loss and toning, but this machine is not going to help the dieter lose more weight. Weight loss requires eating less and doing cardio exercise. Muscle training is only a small part of the total weight loss program the dieter should be following.

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7 User Reviews about Body By Jake Abs And Back Plus

  • 1
    Donna jacovitch

    I would like to know how it works I want to see a video I do not know how it works I cannot tell you what I think of it until I figure out how to use it


  • 2

    Yes, is there somewhere to order replacement resistance discs?


  • 3

    Is there somewhere you can still order the resistance discs?


    Jim Cavazos



  • 4

    where can a find a manual and dvd?


  • 5
    David Palis

    I would appreciate any information that you can give me on the use of the abs and body plus machine including weights. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can give me.


  • 6

    PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that there is a dvd that shows how to use the ab & back plus, from about 10 years ago. I need to know how & where to put the weights & also how to use it to strengthen my core. PLEASE, PLEASE