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When it comes to fitness equipment, Body by Jake is a brand that has been around for years. Typically, the fitness equipment is a one-in-all piece that requires no additional pieces or extra equipment, but Body by Jake has moved into the free weight realm of fitness. The Body by Jake bench is a free weight bench with attached frame to hold a bench press bar. The bench also comes with a leg-extension attachment. The extra equipment needed to perform exercises with the weight bench is not included. The buyer must purchase a bar and free weights separately.

List of Ingredients

Free weight bench with attached bench press frame and leg-extension.

Product Features

Free weights are often considered as being on the “other” side of the gym. Bodybuilders and weight lifters use free weights to gain muscle and build bulk, but there is a fitness advantage to free weights. The muscles must control the weight on the positive and negative movements, so the user is forced to maintain muscle control at all times.

The Body by Jake bench is unique because the bench press frame and leg-extension is attached to the bench, but there is an added cost. There is no bar or free weights that come with the bench so the user must purchase these in addition to the bench. This can drive the total cost through the roof.

There are several different models, but prices tend to fall around $100. The cost of free weights, bar, mat and other equipment cost increase the price well above $500.

None of the Body by Jake benches we found online listed a maximum weight. Typically, benches will hold a user between 250 and 300 pounds. The total free weights the rack will hold will vary from one model to the next.

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  • The bench is offered by a trusted fitness company.
  • Comes with an attached rack and leg-extension.
  • Some models offer pegs to hold free weights.


  • Total cost is more than the price of most machines.
  • Free weights are difficult to control.
  • Must have a spotter to bench press.
  • May not hold users weighing more than 300 pounds.
  • No detailed specifications are available for the Body by Jake bench.


There are many ways to lift weights and free weights like those used with the Body by Jake bench are just one of the many choices. Beginners need to be careful when lifting free weights because of the potential for dropping the bar. Spotters are necessary for free weight bench press at all times. Form is also important when using the Body by Jake bench, because improper form can lead to injury.

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