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Body by Jake is a line of fitness and supplemental products founded by Jake Steinfield, a celebrity fitness trainer who started his Body by Jake fitness line in 1990. Today their fitness and supplemental line boats over 2.5 million customers, all which speak fondly of the products and Jake himself. Products included in the Body by Jake line are specialized exercise machines, fat-reducing grills, books authored by Jake, and exclusive apparel. All of these products are available online with installment or single-pay plans. The customer is given pricing information on the official Body By Jake website.

Jake Steinfield is considered one of the world’s most reputable fitness experts, and he has helped stars and consumers alike get in shape by using the knowledge he has gained over the past 20 years in the fitness industry. Some consumers talk highly of Body By Jake’s innovative products. Not all are happy about Body by Jake, however, and their “innovative” products may not provide the type of work out some wish for.


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Product Features

Body by Jake has an extensive product line, which includes exercise machines, apparel, and self-help books authored by Jake himself. His exercise products are popular with dieters. His exercise products do not consist of typical exercise machines. The Body By Jake equipment line includes unique abdominal and cardio machines such as the Ab Scissor and Smart Crunch. Reviews of both products are mixed, and consumers often state that it does not provide a challenging workout. Both products claim to completely shape core muscles in just minutes a day, but scientific evidence is notably missing from the claims made about both products. This brand tends to be expensive, so expect to pay $200 per machine minimum. They do offer installment plans, which make it somewhat affordable.

Body by Jake does offer unique products to dieters who are tired of the typical exercise machine, but the effectiveness of thees “unique” machines compared to traditional workout equipement is questionable. This issue does not appear to affect dieters too much, and Body by Jake products are still quite popular.

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  • Offers a variety of exercise equipment, books, apparel, and cooking appliances.
  • Exercise machines are unique and not typical exercise machines; offers numerous unique products that claim to target specific areas of the body.


  • Some state that their exercise machines may be more hype than they are worth. (See reader comments.)
  • Purchasing their exercise products is a bit expensive.
  • Gear tends to be focused purely on exercise, not dieting.


Body by Jake offers a wide range of fitness products and exercise accessories to dieters looking for a different way to lose weight, but there is little scientific evidence backing them up as being more effective than the traditional exercise products that they are meant to replace. The installment plan is a good option for dieters on a budget.

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15 User Reviews about Body By Jake

  • 1
    Jill Wortman

    I bought a Body by Jake Bun n Thigh Rocker years ago and it came with a 10 Day Rock Away Size Down Meal Plan, which I have misplaced. Does anyone have a copy of one that they can email me?



    I’m looking for the same thing because it really worked and I ate more than I would normally eat! If you found one please let me know where to get find it!


  • 2

    I bought one for my son through my son via Amway. He’s an Amway ibo. It only cost $149.00 with free shipping.


  • 3
    m folsom

    I have a body by jake home gym with quat rack, dip station, pull down station for lats etc… I was moving and lost a collar piece that helps kept a smooth operation. I would like to know how can I order the piece that I need.


  • 4
    Leon Ewart

    I am about to purchase a Body By Jake home gym. Is it has good as they say? Are they the same cheap made in China plastic stuff?


  • 5
    Raymond Gable

    What is the full price of the Tower 200? That’s always a consideration. Why is that said up front?


  • 6
    Mr. Mo

    funny stuff.


  • 7
    Pat Sivesind

    I bought the ab–back BodybyJake at a yard sale. Can I get a copy of the user instructions to download?


  • 8

    I own AB Scissor, can you tell me how to adjust tension located behind the seat.


  • 9
    Ken W

    Have had my Tower 200 for months now. I use it almost daily. It is by far the BEST home piece of equipment I have owned! I work out a lot and this product ROCKS! Never had a problem with the unit or the company. Guess some others think different but believe me…the tower 200 is worth every penny!


  • 10

    my cousin has one. it is very useful. never broke on me at all. i’m gonna get me one too


  • 11

    I just got my tower 200 a few months ago and already the ring that holds the hand grip broke. Customer service told me too bad. NOT ONLY IS IT CHEAPLY MADE, THEY DON’T STAND BEHIND IT!!!


  • 12

    rip off said 14.95 on tv and no more you lied



    It only said “try it for $14.95″. If you go to their website, on the bottom, it says “Try the Tower 200 for 30 days for only $14.95! Upon shipment, your credit card will be charged this amount plus applicable taxes. At the end of the 30 day trial period, your credit card will be conveniently charged 4 easy payments of $39.95, billed each 30 days. Shipping and handling is FREE,” so that’s ~$175.



    this suxs i just cancel order cause of what i read……..