Body By Jake Shadow Boxer Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Body by Jake Shadow Boxer is a simple piece of fitness equipment that straps around the waist to simulate boxing. The waistband has two flexible tubes with handles. The user holds onto the handles and goes through various boxing movements. The tubes offer tension to work muscles commonly used during punching movements. The official website for Body by Jake products no longer lists the Body by Jake Shadow Boxer for sale, but various online retailers, including, currently sell the product. There are only a few customer reviews, but every customer offers a positive review with information on how the product works.

List of Ingredients

Belt with extender; three sets of power cords: starter, accelerator, and maximizer; 15-minute Body Burn Basics DVD; 20-minute Body Express DVD; 45-minute Body Extreme DVD; left- and right-hand grips, eating guide.

Product Features

The Body by Jake Shadow Boxer kit comes with everything the dieter needs to start a fitness workout. The product tends to focus on muscles of the upper body, so a lower body workout must be adopted on off-days. The Body by Jake Shadow Boxer should only be used every other day to give upper body muscles a chance to rest between workouts.

Included in the kit are workout DVDs that focus on how to use the Body by Jake Shadow Boxer for an ultimate workout. The tension bands provide three levels of resistance, so the same workout can be completed at three different intensity levels.

An eating guide is included with the product, but there is no reference to what types of foods are suggested. In some cases, the eating plan is the best part of a fitness program as it complements the exercise. We assume the exercise plan calls for reduced calories, but we are unsure if the plan if suitable for both men and woman. Men tend to have higher calorie allowances than women when trying to lose weight. sells the Body by Jake Shadow Boxer for $22.00. Optional leg bands are available for an additional fee.

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  • Simple, one-piece workout product.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Comes with workout DVDs and eating plan.


  • No longer sold on the official Body by Jake website.
  • No details about the eating plan.
  • Does not address lower body muscles.


The Body by Jake Shadow Boxer is a simple and effective piece of fitness equipment. All the user has to do is strap on the belt (extender comes with the kit for larger waist sizes) and punch to a slimmer tomorrow. The workout DVD concentrates on moves that utilize most upper body muscles. A lower body workout will need to be incorporate for optimal metabolism.

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