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What You Should Know

MXI Corporation’s Body By Xocolate is a weight-loss plan that is primarily focused around the use of healthy chocolae. Founded in Reno, Nevada, MXI Corp advertises itself as the world leader in the production and development of healthy chocolate. The company strives to change and inspire lives with their unique product. Their line of products within the Body By Xocolate weight-loss plan is under the name of Xoçai Healthy Chocolates.


Product Features

Xoçai and Body By Xocolate products are foremost chocolate bars, nuggets, squares, and drinks. The difference between these products and general chocolate bars found across the nation is that MXI products are produced without processing or alkalizing the cocoa powder. The products also lack the sugars, fats, fillers, and preservatives that pollute the more available and fattening chocolates on the market today. In regards to production, the company is careful to contain healthy antioxidants that are naturally present within the cocoa and chocolate. The products also utilize agave nectar instead of sugar, reducing the overall calorie and fat content that refined sugar would have. Vital to its Xoçai name, the product implements the use of açai berries and blueberries – providing a source of healthy sweetness.


Dark Chocolate [Unsweetened Chocolate, Raw Cane Juice Crystals, Cocoa, Lecithin (emulsifier)] Açaí Powder, Blueberry Powder

Allergy: Produced in a facility that processes milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat. Dark chocolate may contain milk.


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  • The chocolate provides a healthier alternative to store-bought chocolate.
  • Company makes a variety of chocolate products, not only bars.
  • Website includes complete nutritional information of products.
  • Customer testimonials are available on the MXI website 



  • Could be unhealthy if eaten in excess.
  • Does not seem to be an actual diet plan, just a line of chocolate products.
  • The website seems to lack an dietary or health information to accompany the chocolate consumption
  • Some of the chocolates contain fish products – which are not always noted in the allergy section and could contain possible environmental health hazards.


The Body By Xocolate program seems to be more of a way to incorporate more of the Xoçai line of products into your diet rather than anything targeted to actually lose any weight. Despite this, it is nice to see unprocessed basically fat-free chocolate targeted to health and fitness consumers available. As chocolate is such a loved and coveted product across the world, claiming it as healthy makes it all the more marketable and desirable. The fact that the chocolate is in itself rich in antioxidants and contains the often-sought-after açai berry makes the product a desirable snack – whether it slims you down or not.

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