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What You Should Know

Body Choice Nutrition was founded in 2001 by Charles Barkie Jr. His original vision was to create quality nutrition at an affordable price. The company’s logo is “Building Better Bodies for Life”. The company now strives to provide nutritional, unique, innovative, and nourishing liquid supplements. The company offers an array of products, ranging from liquid protein shots, formulas rich in antioxidants, Goji juice, to products specifically designed for weight-loss. The company also promotes a Lifestyle Program that is advertised on their official website. Their products range from about $20-$30 for an individual bottle of product.


Product Features

The company claims that their products act fast and are absorbed quickly. According to the website, the products have been specially designed and formatted so that they are digested quickly and with ease. This is beneficial in contrast to say a pill which needs to break down before its contents are released. Liquid products are absorbed into the bloodstream much easier. Due to this quick absorption rate, more health benefits are gained. Their liquid format also allows the products to be swallowed easily.

The company website is informative in regards to its products. Nutritional and supplemental facts are available with every product as well as explanations as to their inclusions.

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  • Many products can be taken only once a day
  • Most products can be consumed quickly
  • Liquid supplements naturally act faster than their solid counterparts.
  • Consumers can read testimonials on the Body Choice website 



  • The BodyChoice website has not been updated since 2007.
  • Due to the lack of updates, many products could be out of production.
  • Some of the customer testimonials lack an actual reference to use of a specific product.
  • Free trials are not available on the company’s website


The promotion of nutritional liquid supplements provides an easy way to quickly absorb nutrients that are missing in other aspects of consumption. Although is it convenient that one can become well-versed in their product offerings, and ingredients, the fact that their website has not been updated in quite some time is somewhat troublesome. How can a customer know if the business is still in practice? Many products that they sell are listed as out –of-stock and it is unforeseeable as to whether or not some of the claims that are made are legitimate. Although it seems as though one can purchase products through the website regardless of its last update, one might one to thoroughly consider the consequences of such purchasing.

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8 User Reviews about Body Choice Nutrition

  • 1
    paul shoaf

    I am a food demonstrator at cost
    co. I am scheduled to demonstrate body choice smoothie, I need more info on your product to facilitate sales. Thank you


  • 2
    Maria Good

    How can I order Body Choice Protien Shot?


  • 3

    I do not use the Body Choice Protein shots for weight loss. I use them as a snack replacement mid afternoon because I like the protein boost. Better than nuts or fruit. Simple ingredients, no caffeine. I have recommended them to clients and friends. The off and on availability at Costco is frustrating so now I order directly from Body Choice. From an environmental standpoint, I do wish they weren’t in the heavy duty plastic vials. I do like the portability. Recyclable Tetra packaging perhaps? Thanks for a quality product.


  • 4

    I purchased the Body Choice smoothie & Hoodia from Costco due to an exceptional presentation given by Sales Rep(JoJo)-I was so impressed that I wanted to buy a year supply, however, I feel she is a real asset to your company. Sincerely, Carolyn


  • 5
    Susie Hunt

    Purchased Body Choice concentrated weight loss shot at Costco. Contains Green Tea, 3 grams of fiber, 25 grams of protein. Bottom of box states: Take 1 vial with each meal or snack up to 3 times daily.


  • 6

    I brought this “Body Choice” and can’t find any instructions as to when or what amount to take.
    Please advise. Thanks.



    2T before breakfast and or lunch


  • 7

    What is the Carb content?