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Nutritional consultant Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet focuses on restoring one’s “inner ecosystem” hence the name. This is done through centering on good bacteria and the digestive process – ultimately aiding in gaining a better sense of well-being and health. The diet is also advertised to not only assist in weight loss, but to suppress obesity, as well as other bacterial-imbalance problems.

The foundations of the diet comes from the idea that the digestive system is “intimately linked” to the circulatory, immune, endocrine, and other various systems within the body. Following this plan, it is necessary to maintain the health of one’s digestive system.

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Gates herself actually advertises the Body Ecology Diet not as a diet, but rather a system of healing and one of health. Gates emphasizes three main parts to her diet and path of well-being. First, she stresses the importance of adding cultured foods to one’s diets. It is claimed that the addition of cultured foods increases good bacteria, ultimately aiding the digestive process. Interestingly, rather than reducing the amount fats and oils one consumes, her diet plan recommends changing the quality instead of quantity. The third dietary transition is to drastically reduce one’s consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. In the plan, Gates also directs attention to the importance of combining foods and their consequential effects on the digestive system.

Foods that follow the plan include many organic items such as: organic fish, eggs, chicken, cow’s milk, and goat’s milk. The plan also promotes the consumption of less-commonly known grains like quinoa, amaranth, millet, and the use of buckwheat flour.

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  • The diet is mostly natural and does not necessarily include supplements.
  • Sections on combining foods are realistic and informative additions to the plan.
  • Foods such as potatoes, many grains, and fruits – due to high carbohydrate concentrations – are not allowed on this diet which could be unappealing to many dieters. 


  • Some of the diet limitations are very restrictive.
  • It could be difficult for one to dine out while on the Body Ecology Diet.
  • The plan advocates the use of many supplements – which can be expensive.
  • The Body Ecology Diet promotes the purchasing and usage of special and organic foods, especially meats, which increases overall price.


It is important to note that weight-loss is not the main purpose of the Body Ecology Diet. Because of this, dieters in search of weight-loss might not achieve desired results as opposed to other programs. The Body Ecology Diet is more appropriate for one with more specific dietary or health issues, especially ones dealing with the digestive system. It would be beneficial to approach this diet with a high degree of motivation as it is so restrictive. Simultaneously, it might not be realistic to pursue this diet at all because of said restrictions.

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3 User Reviews about Body Ecology

  • 1

    I tried the diet not to lose weight, but to slove long standing health problems. Not only did the health problems resolve, but I lost 20 pounds without trying.I highly recommend the Body Ecology diet!


  • 2


    Because it is to restrictive is a foolish reason to not do it,,if it makes you healthy,, you do all you can….


  • 3

    I just need to know what to eat when out. The combining is difficult. Actually the whole diet is difficult.