Body Express Fast Abs – DVD Review

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Body Express Fast Abs – DVD claims to provide a fast solution to problem abdominals. The trouble with this claim is it does not address the real problem with problem abs – weight loss. No abdominal workout is going to create the perfect abdominals if the dieter needs to lose abdominal fat. Fat hides abdominal muscles. The cover of the Body Express Fast Abs – DVD shows a woman on the floor doing crunches. Floor crunches are dangerous if the proper form is not followed. For the beginner, following proper form requires starting out very slowly and building up abdominal strength, as form tends to be more lax as the follower gets tired.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal workout DVD.

Product Features

Tony Little is a fitness celebrity that markets several fitness machines, like the Gazelle, and a long list of workout DVDs and videos. The product description for Body Express Fast Abs – DVD is lacking in every way. How long is the total workout? Is additional equipment needed to complete the video? What areas of the abdomen are covered by the exercises? Without sufficient information, Little is relying a bit too heavily on his fitness name to sell a DVD that the visitor knows nothing about.

The time clock graph is a recurring theme in the Body Express series of videos. Somewhere on the screen is a clock that shows the follower time spent on a particular exercise. This is supposed to help the follower stick with the exercise longer or gauge progress from one session to another. Again, there is no information about the clock and how the beginner uses the time clock graph to customize a workout.

The name Body Express Fast Abs – DVD is leading. It claims the DVD will help the user slim the midsection and tone abdominals faster, but that may not be the case for the beginner. A layer of fat often hides abdominal muscles so the dieter will need to lose weight before achieving those rock hard abs and a six-pack. There is nothing fast about safe and effective weight loss.

The Body Express Fast Abs – DVD sells for $16.95 plus shipping and handling.

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  • May tone abdominal muscles for people already at a normal weight.


  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Does not provide detailed information about workout length or duration.


The Body Express Fast Abs – DVD may help a fit person gain six-pack abs, but it will do very little for the person trying to lose weight. Abdominal muscles burn very few calories so unless Little is having the follower jump around between abdominal sets, calorie burn is limited. Dieters may achieve better results with a cardio routine.

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