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The Body Express Set – DVD, VHS is a Tony Little product. The series includes six DVD workouts instructed by Tony Little. There are three levels on each DVD, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginners follow each exercise for up to 60 seconds. Intermediate level followers complete each exercise up to 90 seconds and advanced followers up to 120 seconds. There is no mention of how each segment is divided on the DVD, but we assume the beginner will drop out while the instructor continues with the exercise and pick back up when the next exercise starts. While the Body Express Set – DVD, VHS is reasonably priced at $32 plus shipping and handling, there are no details about the program.

List of Ingredients

Six workout programs by Tony Little.

Product Features

The Body Express Set – DVD, VHS contains six workout videos, but the product description fails to reveal which six programs are included. The visitor can view the first video cover with a woman holding her hand in the air, probably an upper body workout, but there is no other information on the body parts covered, length of the videos or fitness level needed to complete the videos.

Little also fails to address extra fitness equipment. We know from looking through other exercise program descriptions that Little uses dumbbells and other fitness equipment, but the visitor is not given this information directly.

Working out is important to weight loss, but what about dieting? Tony Little does not offer any suggestions on proper eating habits to improve weight loss. If the follower works out every day with the Tony Little Body Express Set – DVD, VHS and eats 2,500 to 3,000 calories, they will not lose weight. Diet is crucial to weight loss, especially when the dieter works out. Working out can cause an increase in hunger as exercise depletes carbohydrate levels.

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  • The video series is reasonably priced.
  • Exercise is part of every effective weight loss program.
  • Will likely increase calorie burn.
  • The video covers beginner, intermediate and advanced users.


  • No information on video titles.
  • No information on proper eating habits to lose weight.
  • The length of each video is not revealed.
  • Product description does not reveal important details about the workouts.
  • Could require additional fitness equipment.


The Body Express Set – DVD, VHS is cheap and may be effective, but there is not enough information for the visitor to make an educated choice. If Little wants the visitor to buy the Body Express Set – DVD, VHS, he needs to give a little more information about the workout program and offer some dieting tips and advice to increase weight loss or maintain weight loss.

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