Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Tony Little developed the Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting DVD. Tony Little is an “as seen on TV” fitness personality and creator of the Gazelle and other fitness machines. The workout is progressive, so beginners complete just seven minutes per day and add more time as their fitness levels increase. Working out is crucial to weight loss, but the DVD does not address other major concerns with losing weight like diet and supplementation for optimal metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Body sculpting workout DVD.

Product Features

The official website for Tony Little offers a brief description of the Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting DVD. The DVD claims to support calorie burning and weight loss by allowing the dieter to follow one-on-one instruction at their own pace. Beginners start out with seven minutes and increase total time gradually. Working out for seven minutes is better than zero minutes but it is far from the recommended 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day for weight loss.

The front of the DVD shows Little with a partner. The partner is holding a dumbbell, so we assume extra fitness equipment is needed to complete the workouts. Extra equipment is not addressed in the product description so we have no idea if the dumbbells are used for beginner workouts or just advanced workouts.

The product description also fails to address what types of exercises are displayed on the DVD. Dieters with physical impairments like painful joints or certain types of injuries may not be able to follow along with the DVD.

The Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting DVD sells for $16.95 plus shipping and handling. We have no idea how long the DVD lasts or how many incremental workouts are included on the DVD. There is a Time Clock Graph the follower can use to gauge progress.

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  • Cardio workouts are essential to achieving weight loss goals.
  • May help tone muscle and increase metabolism.
  • Beginners workout only seven minutes until they can achieve longer workouts.
  • The price is comparable to other workout DVDs.


  • Very little information on what types of exercises are displayed.
  • Extra fitness equipment may be required to use the DVD.


Tony Little is full of energy and excitement, but he fails to utilize this excitement to sell his Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting DVD. The information provided lacks depth so the dieter must take a chance and order the product with very little information. Little needs to explain some of the exercises or offer brief snippets of the program so the dieter can make an educated choice before purchasing. Beginners may find they enjoy taking a long walk better than working out with the Body Express Total Body Body Sculpting DVD.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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