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What You Should Know

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Body Fat Blitz is a weight loss program developed by Jamie Hetherington, a certified personal trainer. This program focuses on three steps to help users lose weight. The three steps are following a carefully planned meal plan, measuring and tracking their individual progress and assessing the program to make the necessary modifications. The Body Fat Blitz weight loss program can be used by both men and women of almost all fitness levels.

Product Features

There are three different packages available for the Body Fat Blitz program and they are Body Revolution, Periodization and the Results Package. The Body Revolutions package includes a certified personal trainer to guide users, a diary to document the users nutrition and training and a nutrition guide that provides meal plans, recipes and other pertinent information. The Periodization package is all about getting the most out of fitness training. It teaches users how to effectively train each muscle group in a way that minimizes recovery time, how to combine high intensity and low intensity workouts, how to avoid hitting a plateau in weight loss and training, how to incorporate variety into a fitness routine and this program is flexible and designed to meet the needs of the individual. The Results Package is broken into several different packages that target many different kinds of people and fitness goals. There are a few packages that are meant for those who are already in decent shape but are seeking to up their fitness level. There are a few more packages that seem to be targeted towards those who are embarking on a fitness routine. There is also a package called the Stay on Track Pack that is geared to motivate and help users continue on with a fitness routine.

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  • Body Fat Blitz comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • This program can be used by men and women of almost all fitness levels.
  • There are user testimonials on the Body Fat Blitz website.
  • The Body Fat Blitz program offers a lot of free stuff such as free trial gym memberships and free personal training sessions.
  • This weight loss program encourages exercise and healthy eating.


  • The Body Fat Blitz weight loss program packages are expensive.


The Body Fat Blitz program doesn’t really seem to stand out from the rest of the weight loss programs available on the market today. There is no absolute evidence to prove that this program will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using the Body Fat Blitz weight loss program is right for them.

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