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The Body Flex Program incorporates everything the dieter needs to lose weight. The kit comes with a meal plan, tape measure, workout DVDs and GymBar – all packaged in a convenient carrying bag. Despite all of the good things about the Body Flex Program, the dieter must have the willpower to follow the diet plan and the fitness level to complete the workout DVD. Typically, home workout DVDs are used for a short time then shelved to never be used again.

The Body Flex Program is available from the official Body Flex website. The website offers details about the program and before and after photos from people who have slimmed down using the Body Flex Program. Weight loss claims are extraordinary, which could be a red flag that the program is very low calorie or the exercise program is extreme.

List of Ingredients

The GymBar, three Workout Videos, Healthy Meal Plan, Carrying Bag and Tape Measure.

Product Features

According to the fine print on the Body Flex website, dieters lose an average of about 5 inches in two weeks following all aspects of the Body Flex Program. The program consists of deep breathing, exercise program and a 1600-calorie eating plan. If the dieter follows one or two of these elements, but leaves out others, the results are not guaranteed.

The Body Flex Program includes a diet menu and shopping list. There is no mention of the types of food allowed on the plan or if specialty foods are required. Specialty foods may be too expensive for some dieters. There is very little information on the diet plan at all, aside from the reference to how many calories the dieter is allowed.

Another problem with the Body Flex Program is inconsistency. On the main page of the official website, before and after photos scroll at the top of the page. One testimonial claims the dieter went from a size 12 to a size 4 following the Body Flex Program. On the testimonial page, the same dieter claims to have moved from a size 14 to a size 4. Which of these testimonials is true? Does this mean all of the testimonials are overinflated to make the program look more effective?

The Body Flex Program sells for $32.98 plus shipping and handling for the DVD version. A VHS version is also available for $29.99.

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  • The official website offers information and direct ordering.
  • Before and after photos show significant weight loss.


  • The testimonials may be fabricated.
  • Not enough detail about the weight loss program.


The Body Flex Program makes huge claims, but inconsistencies on the testimonials page leaves us wondering if any of the weight loss claims are true. Without detailed information on the eating plan or the exercise program, the dieter is left guessing if they can afford the food and keep up with the workout.

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    I have used the Shapely Secrets tape by Greeer over the years. It DOES increase my breathig so I am no longer breathing shallow.


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    polly clark

    I have been doing the bodyflex program for 5 weeks and i will tell you it works. this is actually the 3rd time of doing bodyflex im my life and everytime i have seen great results. I will stay with bodyflex because for me it works!!!



    I too have done the BodyFlex before and loved it. Was only exercise program I stayed with. I have bad ankles and this works wonderfully for me.