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Body for Life for Women author Pam Peeke believes the key to weight loss isn’t just diet and exercise–she blames toxic fat, a term she coined for fat that accumulates from bad lifestyle habits, for causing millions of women to pile on the pounds. According to Peeke, Body for Life for Women is tailored for busy stay-at-home moms, businesswomen, or even elderly women to help them lose weight from a holistic and physical perspective, which she claims results in successful, sustainable weight loss

Body for Life for Women includes a personal physical and mental transformation guide, guidelines for eating and exercising right, self-care tips and even charts that explain what to eat or how to exercise. It also includes success stories from people who have personally used Body for Life for Women, including a 95 year old woman and a morbidly obese 14 year old girl. People can opt to purchase it from the official website, which costs $26.96, or purchase it from other online retailers for nearly $9.00 off the retail price. They also offer a money back guarantee, which is only available through their website.


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Product Features

Body for Life for Women is a 12-week weight program, split into sections detailing how to eat, how to exercise, self-help tips for staying mentally positive and tips for staying on track–most commonly achieved by completing the journals, checklists and progress reports listed in the book.

Body for Life for Women takes it a step above the competition by also including detailed pictures of common strength exercises, convenient checklists for creating nutritious meals, and more. She also explains why it’s important for women to eat healthy, putting the blame on a woman’s out-of-control hormones.

The best part: Peeke’s comprehensive, no-nonsense advice about how to eat healthy (e.g.; choosing whole grains over “white” carbs) and self-help tips for putting your health above the needs of others–a problem with hard working moms.

What you won’t like: Peeke allows very little substitutions in her meal plans, and may not accommodate the needs of every dieter. Some dieters also complain the foods are hardly appetizing, turning them off from dieting in the first place.

Overall, Body for Life for Women isn’t a terrible book, but tends to be more regimental compared to other diet plans.

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  • Offers practical advice about dieting and exercise.
  • It does not advocate any dangerous dieting methods, such as low-calorie dieting or using stimulant supplements to speed up weight loss.


  • You are required to keep journals to detail your progress, which can be time consuming.
  • It is a very strict diet.
  • It is only geared towards women.


Body for Life for Women contains practical dieting advice for women who need help making healthy meal choices but does not address another important factor in weight loss–thermogenesis. Although it may work for some people, this diet is not flexible, and people may choose to go the thermogenic route instead.

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    Lydia De Doncker

    It looks like an excellent program. I would like to try this out.