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Beach Body, the creators of P90X and Power Half Hour, are also the manufacturers of the Body Gospel program. This program is dedicated toward people of faith who want to use that faith to increase dedication and, eventually, weight loss. Included in the Body Gospel program are DVDs and extras to help the dieter lose more weight.

List of Ingredients

Body Gospel DVDs, Training Cards, Nutrition Guide, Body Gospel Bands and Online Access to the Body Gospel program.

Product Features

Body Gospel is one of the few fitness program dedicated toward faith. The faith-based program does not offer unique fitness tips or exercise regimes. The only difference between this program and any other DVD based exercise plan is the integration of faith.

DVDs are geared toward the faith theme as well. DVD titles include Body Revival, Core Revelation, Stretch in the Spirit, Power & Praise, Gospel Glory and Strength & Spirit. Workouts range from 21 minutes to 54 minutes.

Workouts are completed with Donna Richardson Joyner. As a fitness expert, Joyner is known for her workouts Buns of Steel and Sweating in the Spirit. All music used on the Body Gospel DVDs are faith based as well with tracks including “Sweeter”, “It’s All Right” and “We Lift Him”.

The program is sold for two payments of $39.95 plus $14.95 shipping and handling. Shipping and handling is charged with the first payment. A 30-Day money back guarantee is also provided for dieters who want to return the program for a refund minus shipping and handling.

Though testimonials are included on the website, Body Gospel does not provide any information about how this program differs from others sold by Beach Body – aside from the faith reference. The Power Half Hour, for instance, is about half the price and includes similar workouts.

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  • Exercise is linked to increased weight loss.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • This program is no different from other fitness programs.
  • The price is higher than comparable programs that are not faith based.
  • Body Gospel is no different than other fitness programs.


Body Gospel offers fitness for those of faith. The price is higher than other fitness programs, which we cannot understand especially since Body Gospel is offered by Beach Body. There is no information on the official website explaining how this fitness program is different from others. Aside from the faith reference, we doubt there are really any differences at all. As is the case with all fitness DVDs, the fitness program will not work if the dieter does not consistently workout. We suggest pairing the Body Gospel program with a proven weight loss supplement that includes Green Tea and Chromium – proven weight loss ingredients.

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    Bernita Sims

    I’ve been using the Body Gospel for about 6 weeks. I’ve enjoyed the workouts and don’t get bored. The Gospel music keeps me motivated. I have seen marked improvement is my weight loss and my ability to complete the workouts.