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According to the product description for Body Language Slimming Coffee, all the dieter has to do is drink the coffee for 10 days and they will achieve the perfect figure. All dieters know this is false. No supplement will help every dieter achieve weight loss, let alone a perfect figure in just 10 days. The ingredient list for Body Language Slimming Coffee offers nothing more than a stimulant, multivitamins and amino acids in a base of black coffee.

There is no official website for Body Language Slimming Coffee. The product description is available on multiple websites, however. We found no free trials and no testimonials supporting weight loss claims.

List of Ingredients


  • Brazil Virgin Forest Black Coffee
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Multi-Vitamins
  • Multi-Amino Acids

Product Features

The base of Body Language Slimming Coffee is Brazilian coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is proven to boost metabolism. The dieter is not told how much caffeine is supplied per sachet, only that they need to use one sachet every day to achieve weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia, or hydroxycitric acid, is the second ingredient. This ingredient is commonly used in fat burners to boost metabolism. A few years ago, Hydroxycut pulled all products containing this ingredient under the watchful eye of the Food and Drug Administration. There had been reports of liver damage associated with the main ingredient in the supplements – HCA or hydroxycitric acid. We suggest dieters skip all supplements with this ingredient until further research can be completed to determine if there is a health risk.

The multi-vitamins and multi-amino acids on the label are not identified. These ingredients have no impact on weight loss or metabolism.

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  • There is an ingredient list published online for Body Language Slimming Coffee.
  • Contains coffee and thus caffeine.
  • May promote increased metabolism and energy.


  • No testimonials are available to support weight loss claims.
  • Contains garcinia cambogia, which could be linked to liver damage.
  • May contain other ingredients not listed online.
  • No official website.


Body Language Slimming Coffee is another one of those supplements that claims to increase weight loss but provides no proof it works. While we cannot overlook the inclusion of a potentially dangerous ingredient, HCA, we would like to see at least one positive testimonial for the product. There is a market out there for a good slimming coffee, but this product is not a good choice.

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    Is there any stores here in Melbourne Australia selling this type of coffee? I had been searching for this coffee .