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Body Media FIT is an armband worn nearly 24 hours a day to track calories burned through regular activity and exercise. The band collects information, which must be transmitted to your online Activity Manager with a USB cord connecting the unit to a personal computer. Optional display unit and bluetooth capability are available on some packages. Body Media sells the Body Media FIT band from the official website.

List of Ingredients

Armband, Optional Display and Online Activity Manager.

Product Features

There are three steps to using the Body Media FIT program for optional weight loss. First, the user sets up an account on the Body Media Activity Manager website. Access to the Activity Manager requires a monthly fee. The fee is $12.95 a month on a month-to-month basis or $6.95 a month with a one-year agreement. The first three months of monitoring are free with each payment being billed monthly thereafter.

After setting up the account, the user places the armband around the left tricep, or upper left arm. The Body Media FIT unit will sit on the backside of the tricep. The unit collects information, which is downloaded periodically to the Activity Manager with a USB cord. The video explaining how Body Media FIT works does not tell how often the unit must be connected or how much information the unit will hold before it stops collecting data or starts erasing old data.

If the dieter does not want to connect the unit to a personal computer with the included USB cord, they can choose the bluetooth model, which wirelessly updates data on the Activity Manager website. Another option is the display, which gives the dieter current information on calories burned and steps taken, among other information.

There are three Body Media FIT packages – Armband with Display for $259, Armband for $200 and Bluetooth Armband for $249. When ordering from the Body Media website, the buyer chooses the monthly subscription level for the Activity Manager.

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  • Tracks all calories burned with 90% accuracy.
  • Clinically proven to increase weight loss three times.
  • Free mobile applications for tracking food for iPhone and Android.


  • Large up-front cost.
  • Continued cost for monthly monitoring.
  • Standard packages come with a medium-sized armband.


The Body Media FIT system is a round-the-clock monitor that keeps track of calories burned, calories consumed and sleep efficiency. With this information, the dieter can make lifestyle changes to best suit their weight loss needs. The unit can be worn nearly 24 hours a day, but cannot be worn in the shower. Armbands are available for larger and smaller arms. There is no information on dieting or exercise so the dieter can only use the Body Media FIT with an outside exercise and weight loss plan.

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