Body Media FIT Weight Management Display Review

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The Body Media FIT weight management display is optional equipment offered with the Body Media FIT program. Body Media FIT tracks the number of calories burned during daily activity and the quality of sleep every night. The Body Media FIT weight management display keeps those numbers conveniently in a wristwatch or belt clip so the dieter can see how well they are doing before uploading the information to the Activity Manager.

Body Media sells several packages for the Body Media FIT, but only one comes with the Body Media display. The display is one of the most popular parts of the Body Media FIT program and often sells out. Dieters can order the program without the Body Media FIT weight management display or they can choose to wait for the unit to be available on backorder before purchasing. The company will send the display to dieters as soon as it is available, but the armband may arrive before the display.

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Display for the Body Media FIT system.

Product Features

There is very little information on the Body Media FIT website about the Body Media FIT weight management display. There is a link to the specifications, but the link no longer works. We can view a large picture of the display, which shows calories, steps, activity and time. Activity is collected for today, yesterday, target and TRIP. We assume TRIP refers to a personal goal.

The Body Media FIT with Display sells for $259. If the dieter chooses to purchase the armband, the display unit increases the cost about $50. The display works as a personal watch to hide calories burned. With the monthly fee of $6.95 (with a one-year subscription), the total cost is quite high for the Body Media FIT weight management display and armband. Dieters may find the unit is well worth the price, but it may not be affordable for all dieters.

The dieter must purchase a wristwatch holder for the display unit, as these do not come with the Body Media FIT. The cost for an extra belt clip is $9.95. The wristwatch is $19.95. The display also sells separately for $99.95. While the complete armband / display package is currently out of stock, the display unit is available. This could be because the company wants to make more money from individual display unit sales, which cost $49 more than the price of the display sold with the armband.

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  • Displays calories burned.
  • Easy to wear.


  • Expensive.
  • Wristwatch holder is not included with order.


The Body Media FIT weight management display is an optional accessory for the Body Media FIT calorie tracker. The display gives the user instant access to information, but the cost is quite high.

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