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Body Opus is a “weight loss and recomposition” system designed by Dan Duchanine. The plan is outlined in a 354 page book which has been referred to as “the dieting bible” of bodybuilders and offers to teach readers “all the secrets” picked up during the authors 12 years in the competitive bodybuilding field. The Body Opus book is available on for $29.99 and on a number of weightlifting and muscle building websites. However, it does not appear to be covered by any return policy. There are a number of customer reviews and blogs online about Body Opus, although they are primarily geared toward competitive bodybuilders.

Dan Duchanine, an “internationally known bodybuilding Guru”, has created “a diet book for people who are not fat”. The book offers three diet plans – one of which is a seven day repeatable dieting cycle updated from Duchanine’s original Ultimate Diet created 24 years ago. Body Opus also contains exercise routines geared toward helping athletes “become lean and ripped” while achieving body fat percentages of 6% for men and 10% for women. The Body Opus book contains 48 chapters covering a range of topics from carbohydrate and amino acid recommendations to non-FDA approved supplements. Included is a bonus section detailing the 50 top drugs for dieting and a section on the use of diuretics in competitive bodybuilding.

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Body Opus is a diet and exercise program geared toward athletes. There are several diet plans detailed in the book which are in the low calorie/low carbohydrate/high protein category. While the Body Opus plan offers medical evidence for its effectiveness, some research sited seems to be from outside the mainstream medical field.

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  • There are numerous positive testimonials from the bodybuilding community in support of Body Opus.
  • The book outlines a specific 7 day repeatable dieting cycle for the Body Opus Plan.
  • The Body Opus book has a bonus section on the top 50 drugs, including thermogenic formulas, which can aid is dieting.


  • Body Opus calls for a more intense exercise routine than most dieters can be expected to manage.
  • The Body Opus plan is geared toward achieving body fat percentages which are unrealistic for anyone other than serious athletes.
  • There doesn’t appear to be any satisfaction guarantee for the Body Opus book on any of the sites where it is available.


The Body Opus plan may be appropriate for professional and aspiring bodybuilders who have extreme discipline and self-motivation but the average dieter will most likely find Body Opus overwhelming. In addition, many mainstream medical professionals warn against extremely high protein plans as potentially harmful. Speak to your physician before starting the Body Opus plan, especially if you have a history of kidney or liver related conditions.

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    amit chhokra

    how do i find diet chart which states clearly my breakfast, lunch, dineer ingredients. as per days of the week


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    my weight is 412 now i workout now how can i losse the weight fast