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Weight loss depends on a variety of factors, including reduced calorie intake and increased exercise. For some dieters, starting a fitness program is a difficult choice due to lack of time or lack of space. The Body Rider Fan Bike is a simple exercise bike that fits in tight spaces and provides a stationary workout. The bike is ideal for beginners and riders of advanced fitness levels.

We could not find an official website for the Body Rider Fan Bike, but the equipment currently sells through The Body Rider Fan Bike includes moving handlebars to add an upper body workout to each biking session.

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Fan exercise bike.

Product Features

The Body Rider Fan Bike weighs 47 pounds and holds a rider weighing up to 250 pounds. The bike comes with dual moving handlebars, digital screen and adjustable tension. The fan wheel moves quickly when the Body Rider Fan Bike is in use, so a soft breeze cools the rider to prevent overheating.

Using the Body Rider Fan Bike is simple. The rider simply sits in the seat, grabs the handlebars and starts pedaling. If the tension is too light, a simple turn of the tension knob increases friction and makes the workout harder. Beginners may wish to experiment with different tensions and pedaling speeds to find the ideal workout.

The digital display shows distance, time and calories burned. There is no way to add current weight or fitness level, so the estimated calories burned are not going to be accurate for all riders. Two people must assemble the Body Rider Fan Bike. Assembly may take a couple of hours. sells the Body Rider Fan Bike for $159 with free shipping and handling, from some sellers. Free shipping is important for overweight or large items because it reduces the overall investment for the dieter.

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  • Provides a complete workout in a small space.
  • May help increase calorie burn and weight loss.
  • Priced comparably with other exercise bikes.
  • Free shipping from some Amazon sellers.


  • Requires assembly.
  • Maximum weight is 250 pounds.
  • May be too large for apartment living.
  • Must be used with a diet and weight loss program.


The Body Rider Fan Bike is a simple, yet effective exercise bike. Dieters up to 250 pounds can easily gain cardiovascular strength and burn calories from the comfort of their living room. While the bike is an effective weight loss tool, the dieter needs to maintain a healthy weight loss diet and change up the cardio program every occasionally to continue losing weight. Smaller apartments may not have room for the Body Rider Fan Bike and the unit does not fold.

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    how do you operate the digital display? it just reads 0″s