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Body Rx aims to teach dieters how to make their bodies strong, sculpted and lean.  The book’s, author Dr. Scott Connelly, is a pioneer in the sports nutrition field and creator of the diet supplement MET-Rx. His approach to exercise and fat loss have made him famous in the fitness world. The Body Rx book brings his philosophy and healthy living tools to the everyday reader. Whether you want to look better in a bikini or just feel good about your body, the book promises that “Body Rx is your prescription.”

Product Features

Body Rx is a program for nutrition and exercise developed by physician, personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist. The main focus of the book is the “6-Pack Prescription,”a program of four six-week cycles, each with its own eating plan and exercise program. The cycles are broken down into specific categories:

1) Get Strong, 2) Get Cut, 3) Lose Fat and 4) Maintenance.

The idea behind the Body Rx program is to take six months to “reprogram your body” to build muscle, leading to a higher resting metabolism. The exercise program found in Body Rx focuses on weight training, with exercises divided into four different weekly workout sessions. Because Dr. Connelly believes highly processed foods are a prime culprit in expanding waistlines, he also suggests eating plenty of healthy, natural foods. The Body Rx book includes charts to aid in meal planning and creating a personal exercise routine, as well as making it possible to track your process. The book is available on a number of websites, including, for about $10.00. There is also an official website for Body Rx which includes plenty of information on Dr. Connelly and the Body Rx program, as well testimonials and book reviews.

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  • Body Rx was written by a physician who is a respected expert in sports nutrition.
  • There are a number of positive customer reviews online to support the program laid out in Body Rx.
  • There is an official website for Body Rx where the consumer can find more information and an overview of the program before buying the book.


  • Body Rx is a book that seeks to change your whole approach to eating and exercise, so it may not be the resource for those who are just seeking to lose a few extra pounds.
  • On its own, Body Rx does not offer the kind of specific tools for fighting cravings and appetite suppression that can be found in a diet pill.
  • There do not appear to be any specific weight loss claims made or customer satisfaction guarantee offered with this book.


Body Rx seems to be a comprehensive book which lays out a detailed program for nutrition and exercise. Reviews for the book online are largely positive and the author is a respected expert in his field. However, not everyone who is looking to lose a few pounds is necessarily looking for a total food and fitness makeover. The exercise program laid out in Body Rx is on the intense side, requiring workouts of one hour each, 4 times a week. If the reader is looking to really ramp up their fitness routine, Body Rx could be the book for them. Other consumers may find that a simple, effective diet pill or supplement may be all they need to reach their weight loss goals. There are a number of proven, well-researched diet aids on the market that would serve the needs of those consumers more effectively than the concentrated, time-consuming program laid out in Body Rx. Ultimately it is up to each consumer to decide for themselves how best to approach their weight loss goals.

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7 User Reviews about Body Rx

  • 1
    Your Name

    This product really works. I have been using this plan for 4 years. I lost 12 lbs and still keeping up.When I get lost I go back to basic. This book is my partner. you lost weight and become strong .You have to read this book. E-mail me for some more info.


  • 2
    Rusty Barr

    I lost 60lbs and have never felt better using the Body RX diet. It is easy to use and stick to. I am 58 years old and back into jeans that I haven’t worn for years. All my numbers are right where they should be. It saved my life.


  • 3

    I had to quit this Body Rx Danger Diet because I started having kidney problems. My doctor told me it was because of the unhealthy amounts of protein it recommends. It’s dangerously and fraudulently portrayed as something that is healthy.


  • 4

    WOW, this sounds terrible. Who would’ve thought you could get similar results from being on a diet as the All You Can Eat Fried Food and Bon Bon diet. both equally disgusting and scary.


  • 5
    P Morgan

    The same thing happened to me only from 32 to a 38. This Body Rx system really is Body Blows! It should be labeled with a giant WARNING with a skull and cross bones on it. This system is bogus and a scam. I’d be less pissed off to find out I was taking Met-Rx that was laced with steroids.


  • 6
    Arthur Scott

    The BodyRx program nearly killed me.

    My doctor has now placed me on a calorie restricted diet and I am on diaylsis.

    WARNING: BODYRX is unhealthy. The belief that calories do not matter and that you are better off with aspartame than natural fructose is crazy.

    Perhaps because Dr. Connelly is 6’4″ and 180lbs he can eat what he wants but his program took from a size 36 waist to 40 inches in 5 months.


  • 7

    By my 3rd month following the Body Rx program my body fat jumped up to around 20% and my cholesterol was dangerously high.I wish I had never tried it.