Body Sculpture Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Body Sculpture was started in 1965 by Bellow Equipment Company. It has since been purchased by Solex Industries. Their mission statement is to make the highest quality products with the best materials available and to have a commitment to quality and superiority.

Body Sculpture makes home fitness products in line with aerobics, pilates, yoga, trampoline, boxing, and running. These are just among the few.

Product Features

Since there are an array of products available, we will go through 2 of them here for the purposes of this article. We will feature an equipment model and an accessory model. The equipment model is the treadmill; or more specifically the BT-6200T Model with a built in TV and tuner. There are many features such as heart rate monitoring, angle, speed and cushioning for your feet. There are pictures of this and 6 more treadmills on the website to view.

The accessory part is from the Wellness Line of body fat monitors. The body fat monitor we chose was the BFM-200 Body Fat Monitor. This monitor features a large LCD monitor, body fat, pulse, and temperature controls. It also has an alarm clock and calendar. This seems to be a professional model that a top athlete or trainer might want to posess.

There are many other products available such as body slimmers to wear under clothing, pilates mats, yoga blocks, body fat monitors, and other home fitness products.

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  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • There are descriptions and pictures of all the products they provide.
  • The website offers exercise tips and links to other fitness sites.
  • Disadvantages

  • There are no price lists. You are supposed to request a catalog.
  • You cannot actually order directly from the website.
  • There seems to be no store or manufacturing in the USA. So we’re not exactly sure how they distribute their products.
  • Conclusion

    There are so many available places to get yourself exercise equipment, accessories, and body wear. We think from the navigation of the website that it is geared more to exercise clubs and fitness professionals than to the average person. There was a link to request a catalog, but upon pressing it, nothing happened. If you are looking to supplement an exercise program you currently have at a gym there are many locations and dealers to call that will offer you solid equipment. Many companies like this like to have a website for a possible client to navigate and make decisions on different products, but the bottom line is that Body Sculpture is not geared towards the average everyday user. It might be frustrating for you if you particularly like an item featured on this website but have no real way of obtaining one for yourself, at least through regular channels of purchase.

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