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The Body Shaker is a vibration based fitness machine that shakes the pounds off the body, according to information on the official website. The technology was invented by Nazarov, a professor in Russia in the 1970s. Nazarov was a gymnast in Russia. Athletes during the 70s supposedly used the Body Shaker to increase performance and subsequently won many of the Olympic events during that period. It is hard for us to believe that shaking the body will increase sports performance or help a dieter shed extra weight.

List of Ingredients

Vibrating platform.

Product Features

There is nothing to the Body Shaker aside from a shaking platform. The machine looks something like a scale in a doctor’s office. Users stand on the platform and vibrations shake the entire body. According to a description of how the machine works, vibrations are sent through the body causing muscles to involuntarily contract. These contractions work much like a reflex contraction. The manufacturer claims 90 to 100% of the muscle tissues will contract while using the Body Shaker. They compare that to only a 40 to 45% contraction when a traditional workout is completed.

A poster shown on the website lends a little more information on how the machine may help the dieter lose weight. Exercises you can complete on the Body Shaker include lunges, push-ups, crunches and squats. The vibrations shoot through the body during these exercises. We tend to believe the exercises may be more beneficial than the vibrations.

A long list of scientific studies is included on the Body Shaker website. Browsing through these studies we find that all relevant studies were completed on athletes who were physically active and in good health. None of the studies were performed on inactive people needing to lose weight. Other studies listed were specifically designed to test medical use of vibration therapy as opposed to weight loss or strength training.

There are two versions of the Body Shaker – professional and personal. No prices are listed on the official website.

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  • None.


  • Studies performed on athletes in training.
  • No weight loss studies listed.
  • No prices on the official website.
  • Product may not be available in the United States.


There is little doubt that this 100% steel machine is pricey. If there were proven studies showing significant weight loss or strength increase associated with the Body Shaker we may jump at the chance to try one out, but this information is not listed. We did not find a link to order the machine, information on where the machine is available or pricing information about the product. We suggest sticking with regular exercise and a healthy diet and supplement program instead of the Body Shaker.

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