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Body Shape is a topical product developed by Hydroderm, which is a skin care company that focuses on anti-aging remedies. This product, however, mainly aims to address the firmness of skin; namely areas that are affected by cellulite and dimpling. Unlike many body enhancement products, Body Shape lotion does not appear to encourage a healthy diet or regular fitness regimen, which are both commonly known for assisting with weight reduction and fat loss. Body Shape sells via the official website in an eight-ounce tube for $60. This product is marketed toward women.

Some of the notable key ingredients utilized in Body Shape are green tea extract (smoothes and helps with overall texture), organic caffeine (minimizes the appearance of dimpled skin) and organic Kukui nut oil (helps moisturize). These primary components are also known as the “Advanced Liposome System.” Ideally this topical skin product is supposed to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten, while “rejuvenating” skin and causing it to appear younger, all within a 4-week period. The official website does not appear to specify whether or not Body Shape permanently removes cellulite and dimpling or if it’s merely a temporary effect. Hydroderm additionally sells seven other skin care products for the body and face. Finally, the official website does offer some Body Shape “success story” testimonials.

List of Ingredients

Some key ingredients in Body Shape are green tea extract (smoothes and helps with overall texture), organic caffeine (minimizes the appearance of dimpled skin) and organic Kukui nut oil (helps moisturize).

No full ingredient list is given.

Product Features

Body Shape is a “skin toning lotion” that endeavors to aid in the reduction of cellulite, fat cells and dimpling skin on the body. This topical lotion is marketed toward women and sells on the official website for $60. This product is claimed to soften, tighten, smooth and tone the skin. Within four weeks, dimpling should be reduced.

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  • Body Shape can be easily purchased on the official Hydroderm website.
  • Using Body Shape may aid in moisturizing.
  • Some natural ingredients are found in Body Shape.
  • The official website offers a few success stories from consumers.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any substantial clinical research offered by the manufacturer to support the effectiveness of Body Shape.
  • Some ingredients found in Body Shape may irritate the skin of some individuals.
  • The official Hydroderm website does not appear to promote exercise and a healthy diet in conjunction with this product.
  • The website fails to offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • Regular exercise and a low-fat diet may work better to reduce cellulite than Body Shape alone.


Today’s skin care and weight loss market is flooded with products that appear similar to Body Shape. While the notion of a “wonder” lotion reducing fat and cellulite is certainly intriguing to many women, some users may find that regular diet and exercise are more effective in the long run. In the end, the Body Shape lotion would probably be more appealing if it came with a money-back guarantee or at least provided some serious clinical research regarding its claims to reduce the appearance of dimpling and fat, while tightening, softening and enhancing skin tone. Consumers looking to seriously lose weight would probably be better off with a targeted diet supplement or exercise plan.

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    I have an apple shape body and type 2 diabetes and find it almost impossible to have a excise routine or a diet plan that I can actually stick to. What can I do I have no real will power either….HELP