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Body Slim is an all-natural dietary supplement that, according to the manufacturers, controls appetite, boosts metabolism and increases energy levels.  All this is said to result in fast, effective and safe weight loss. According to the product information provided by the makers of Body Slim, it is the same product Brazilian women use to achieve their “world renowned slim and sexy bodies.” The average user of Body Slim can expect to lose 10 to 15 pounds in 60 days, according to the manufacturer.

The main ingredient in Body Slim is Cha de Bugre which has been used for years to help Brazilian women create and maintain perfect, beach-ready bodies. The makers of Body Slim claim that this product, which is popular and easy to find in Brazil, has only recently become available in the United States and other countries.


Cha de Bugre, Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana.

Product Features

There are four ingredients listed for Body Slim.  Chá de Bugre is an appetite suppressant.  Yerba mate is similar to green tea and is full of antioxidants which provides an energy boost similar to caffeine. Guarana is a stimulant used to increse athletic endurance. Damiana, which has been traditionally used as an herbal medicine to treat the nervous system, is also a known diuretic.

Body Slim can be purchased through the Brazilian Basics website.  A one month supply of 120 capsules costs $39.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. It is suggested that Body Slim users take two capsules before lunch and dinner. If there are no noticeable effects after 10 days, useres are advised to double the total daily dosage. There is no scientific evidence cited to back up any of the claims made about Body Slim, its enhanced fat burning ability or promise to improve weight loss. In fact, there is a brief disclaimer stating that many users lose five or more pounds a week but these results are not common. The disclaimer also lists outlying factors that will affect the users’ success, including body composition and commitment.

The website also mentions that Body Slim was mentioned on the Today show, but there is no link to see the actual television segment. There are a number of customer testimonials on the website as well, although it is interesting to note that the exact same testimonials, with the product name changed, appear on another website for a different Brazilian diet product. The site does offer a free trial and a money back guarantee for Body Slim.

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  • Body Slim offers a money back guarantee.
  • There is a free trial available for Body Slim.


  • Body Slim contains no proven fat burner.
  • There is no research cited to back up the claims made by this product.
  • The customer testimonials offered for this product are questionable, having appeared on websites for other products.


Body Slim is yet another product which puffs up its advertising with lots of photos of beautiful Brazilian supermodels, possibly to cover up the fact that it offers no scientific proof of what the product claims to accomplish. While the manufacturers claim Body Slim was the first and one of the only weight loss products with Cha be Bugre on the market, a search will lead you to a huge list of other supplements with the same ingredient. Further questions about the legitimacy of Body Slim’s claims are raised by customer testimonials that seem to have been pulled from another website.  The product where the cross-listed reviews appear was banned by the FDA, raising questions as to whether Body Slim is an original product or a milder version of the discontinued formula.  There are safe, effective pills widely available on the market, so dieters looking for a reliable supplement may want to look elsewhere.

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  • 1
    Basu Singha

    How do I get a free sample of body slim?


  • 2

    I’ve taken body slim n never had a problem went frm 236lb nw I’m at 138lb n still goin down . Love this pill I get nothing but compliments…..


  • 3

    I took this body slimmer at the first part of July 2012 after about four days I had swelling in my hands and feet and had feelings similar to the flu. fever chills and my temp was below normal. I stop taking it and the symptoms slowly went away, it took almost a month….Don’t use this product


  • 4

    This product really works.. only fall back if you take it more than 3 months your body gets addicted to it.. and you ahve to stop taking ti and u gain all ur weight back..


  • 5
    Esther Brinas

    How do I get a free sample of body slim?


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