Body Solid 2500s Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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When someone is looking for an effective home gym, what can $1,400 buy? Hopefully a machine with multiple stations, an adequate amount of weight on the weight stack and a cardiovascular station. Depending on the system, that amount of money can purchase a lot more. The Body Solid series of home gyms feature these specifications at a reasonable price. One thing we found was not all of machines fit the balance between affordability and functionality.

The Body Solid 2500s is a home gym we found on the official website for $1,400. Touted as a top-of0the-line home gym, will it stand up to the competition? We will see.

List of Ingredients

Multiple station home gym featuring a 210 lb. weight stack.

Product Features

The Body Solid 2500s is a multiple station home gym. The exercises offered include chest press, leg extension/curl, Pec Dec, seated row and abdominal crunch. Several attachments are available for an additional cost.

The equipment is equipped with a 210 lb. weight stack. This amount of weight is ideal for the beginner, but an individual with experience could find the weight inadequate. We could not find where the Body Solid 2500s offered guidance on the maximum weight of individuals using the product. Typically the recommended weight is 300 lbs. This is important so a dieter knows on the front side if they have the ability to use the product.

The Body Solid 2500s is a space saver. The total amount of space needed to effectively us the product is approximately 6 feet by 7 feet. The downside is the weight of the machine. If a user combine the weight stack and the machine itself, the weight exceeds 400 lbs.

The makers of the Body Solid 2500s should have had a disclaimer on the product, stating it is overpriced at $1,400. The dieter does not receive a comprehensive diet plan, exercise guide or a cardiovascular station. Joining a health club for a year cost less money.

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  • 210 lb. weight stack.
  • Space saver design.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available on the official website.


  • Expensive.
  • The machine is heavy
  • Multiple stations, but only allows one accommodates one user at a time.
  • 210 lb. weight stack.
  • Seats are not adjustable.


We like multiple station home gyms. The exercises typically allow the user to perform major muscle exercises in the comfort of their home. We also like it when the home gyms are affordable. The Body Solid 2500s offers the multiple stations, but is overpriced compared to similar models. The 210 lb. weight stack is ideal for the beginning weight trainer, but the experienced professional will find the weight insufficient. The total weight of the Body Solid 2500s is another concern. At 200 lbs, the machine is not easily moved by one individual.

With so many things stacked against the Body Solid 2500s, why would someone want to invest $1,400 on a product? If the product was ideal for the novice to the professional as well as included a cardiovascular station, the piece of equipment might be worth that amount.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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