Body Solid 2750 Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Body Solid is the manufacturer of high quality commercial products designed for fitness clubs as well as home gyms. The products on the official website include functional trainers, free weight systems/machines, benches and weights/dumbbells. All of the products available on the official website are backed by an unprecedented lifetime guarantee on all parts.

One of the base models is the Body Solid 2750. This machine is not available on the official website, but we found it on ecommerce sites such as for $2,265. Although the Body Solid 2750 is not available on the official site, the warranty is still effective.

List of Ingredients

Home gym featuring multiple stations.

Product Features

The Body Solid 2750 is a home gym featuring multiple stations including bench press, pec flys, leg curl/extension, lat pull down and abdominal crunch. The maximum weight provided is 210 lbs. With the leg press attachment, the weight increases to 420 lbs. by way of the 2:1 ratio.

Home gyms designed for beginners should possess a few things, a comprehensive diet plan, an exercise chart and a weight limitation. The Body Solid 2750 offers none of these factors. This leads us to believe, Body Solid simply markets the product as just another home gym. Name alone should not convince the dieter a home gym is worth the investment.

We did like the fact the Body Solid 2750 is a space saver. The machine only utilizes approximately 6 feet by 5 feet. The Body Solid 2750 can easily fit into a space with room to spare. The reviews we found stated the Body Solid 2750 assembles with ease, but users found the pulley system a bit challenging.

The Body Solid 2750 is expensive. With a price tag of $2,265, the average dieter will easily shy away from this product. Any home gym with that hefty of a price tag should be the top of the line. Unfortunately, the Body Solid 2750 is not.

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  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Patented Bi-Angular technology designed to allow users to perform exercises true to form.
  • Space saving design.


  • Expensive.
  • Upgrades cost additional money and are expensive.


Base model home gyms such as the Body Solid 2750 are an ideal fit for an individual looking to enter the world of weight training. The 210 lb. weight stack is ideal for the beginner, but potentially not enough weight for the more experienced weight trainer.

We found the price a bit expensive considering the stations offered to the consumer. At $2,265, the Body Solid 2750 does not offer an upgrade in weight or a cardiovascular station. If a dieter considers an expensive home gym, they should get top of the line, not bottom of the barrel.

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