Body Solid Fusion F600 Review

Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

Body-Solid Fusion F600

What You Should Know

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Body Solid Fusion F600 is a home gym that is sold by Body Solid. Body Solid is a company that manufactures and distributes fitness equipment to both private end use and commercial use as well. Body Solid was founded in 1989 and has its home base just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Body Solid sells both nationally and internationally all over the world.

Product Features

The Body Solid Fusion F600 is, as stated above, a home gym. This is a compact version of what you might find at your local fitness center. The Fusion F600 is a customizable machine with many different options. Following are some of the features available :

Bi-Angular Arm Press, 4 position standard press, leg extension, Gas assist telescoping seat for easy adjustment, 2 pre-cabled accessory attachment points (this is for your choices of accessories that come with the Fusion F600), and a workout placard for more than 20 gym quality exercises with pictures.

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  • No gym membership required.
  • Compact size. This is one of the few home gyms that is actually compact enough to actually use in part of a room instead of needing a whole room to itself.
  • It’s customizable. You can buy different accessories to perform different exercises so you aren’t stuck with an exercise that you either don’t like or don’t utilize due to injury, preference, or inability.
  • Disadvantages

  • When you aren’t super serious about working out, getting a home gym can seem impractical. Once you’re in, you’re in.
  • This machine has no listing price. The reason for this is you need to pick your individual accessories. This can be a problem if you’re not sure what you want. You are paying an upfront cost to deliver and assemble without really being able to try out what you’ve picked.
  • Because this is a home fitness gym, set up is probably up to you. This can take a long time; you could do it wrong, or frustrated…never actually finish.
  • Conclusion

    The Fusion F600 seems like a decent option if you really like the advantages of gym machines, but not the time of going to the gym. This seems to be compact enough to share space in another room or in a good sized corner of your home. Set up, cost, and on-going maintenance of the product could prove to be a job in and of itself. Normally the average user is often much happier with the advantages of a gym membership. Once you’ve purchased a heavy piece of equipment such as this you are usually stuck with it. A gym membership offers more choice, different exercises once your body is used to certain kinds, and social interaction; something you may not get when working out at home.

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