Body Solid G6B Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Home gyms are designed to assist a dieter achieve maximum weight loss through aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The more popular machines are designed to mimic the counterparts in health clubs. The stations are typically the same, but the sizes are generally smaller. This allows users to position the home gyms within a room of their home.

The Body Solid, the manufacturer of the Body Solid G6B, is a company which sells home fitness equipment. The health club quality machines are available on the official website. Each piece of equipment is available with standard stations as well as upgrades.

List of Ingredients

Multiple station home gym.

Product Features

The Body Solid G6B is a multiple station home gym featuring 210 lbs. of total resistance. Users have the ability to upgrade the weight stack to 260 lbs. for an additional $100. Stations include chest press, rotating fly dec, leg developer, lat pull down and low pulley attachment.

Although the Body Solid G6B claims to be a space saver, the space needed is 8 feet by 8 feet. Typically, the average room size is slightly larger than the space needed for the Body Solid G6B. We also found the assembly time is a deterrent. It takes more than four hours to assemble with multiple individuals, let alone attempting to assemble with one individual.

We found the Body Solid G6B expensive compared to similar models. At a whopping $2,635, this machine does not offer a dieter anything new. With full upgrades the price of the Body Solid G6B exceeds $3,000. This amount equals a 5 year membership to a local health club. The average dieter will not be willing to invest this type of money.

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  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Upgrades available on the official website.
  • Exercise chart included.
  • Space saving design.


  • Upgrades cost additional money.
  • Cardiovascular station not included.
  • Expensive.
  • Machine is heavy.
  • Requires additional space when upgrades are attached.


We like home gyms that provide exercises designed to work every muscle group. Weight training, combined with proper diet and supplementation assists dieters with their weight loss. The Body Solid G6B is a good home gym for the beginner, but a more experienced weight trainer could potentially steer clear of the product due to the standard weight stack. Although 210 lbs. is a sufficient amount of weight, as strength increases, the weight does not increase. The cost to upgrade the weight stack is $100. Add to the cost of the Body Solid G6B and the price exceeds $2700. This is too expensive for the average dieter.

When researching an effective home gym, a dieter should look for a machine with stations designed to work every major muscle group as well as a cardiovascular station. Unfortunately, the Body Solid G6B does not fit the bill.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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