Body Solid Pro Style Ab Board Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board is an adjustable bench for performing abdominal exercises. The bench slides up and down a straight beam to increase or decrease angle. The user lays flat on the bench with feet under the stabilizing bar on the end. Aside from supporting the feet during abdominal crunches, the Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board has no workout function.

There is an official website for Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board offering specifications, online ordering and customer service. Various pictures show visitors how the bench is used in a gym setting, but there are no weight loss or fitness testimonials.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal Board.

Product Features

The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board measures 52 inches high, 54 inches long and 24 inches wide. The bench adjusts to 12 positions for variable abdominal workouts. The adjustable end of the bench has wheels so the Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board moves easily from one location to another.

Abdominal workouts are important for strengthening abdominals and balancing back / abdominal strength. When these muscles are balanced, the user may experience less back pain. Abdominal exercises will not, however, increase metabolism or burn a large number of calories. Typically, it takes more than 1,000 abdominal exercises to burn as many calories as a cardio program.

If the user needs to lose weight, abdominal exercises are not going to greatly affect weight. Weight loss occurs when fewer calories are consumed than the body needs. To achieve this, many dieters complete cardio workouts because cardio burns more calories than other exercise. The abdominal muscles are simply too small to increase cardio or burn enough calories to promote weight loss.

Another problem with the Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board is the lack of visible abdominal muscles for most dieters. If a layer of fat is located between the skin and abdominals, muscles cannot show through.

The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board sells for $285.00. This price is much higher than comparable abdominal machines.

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  • Wheels allow the user to move the Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board.
  • Adjustable heights to increase workout intensity.
  • Official website for Body-Solid products.


  • The ab board will not increase weight loss or metabolism.
  • Abdominal exercises do not burn calories.
  • Fat may hide abdominal muscles.
  • The price is too high for an abdominal board.


The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board is an expensive fitness unit. The board does not increase metabolism or weight loss, so the dieter will not achieve weight loss goals by using the board. There is no information on cardio exercise or a weight loss diet to help the user slim the midsection and show off those six-pack abs. The Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board is geared toward the user with an advanced fitness level.

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