Body Solid Series 7 Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Smith machines are essential for individuals looking to weight train safely in the comfort of their home. The linear Smith system allows users to perform exercises without fear of losing control of the barbell and causing bodily harm. The Body Solid Series 7 is a top of the line Smith machine designed to assist in all of an individual’s weigh training needs.

We found the Body Solid Series 7 on the official website for $3,000. The amount is expensive compared to similar models. We think the average dieter will not spend this type of money for a machine unless it offers something no other Smith machine offers.

List of Ingredients

Commercial-grade Smith machine featuring a standard weight stack.

Product Features

The Body Solid Series 7 features state of the art steel construction. The standard stations include a high and low pulley system with a 210 lb. weight stack. The attached Smith bar weighs a mere 25 lbs. and has a textured grip for increased safety.

With the walk in design, the Body Solid Series 7 does not provide maximum weight guidance. Typically, Smith machine does not have a maximum weight. We did find the weight stack of 210 lbs. a bit low for an experienced weight trainer, especially due to the Body Solid Series 7 having the ability to hold more than 1000 lbs. on the frame.

An individual will need space to effectively perform the exercises on the Body Solid Series 7. Assembled, the product is more than 7 feet tall, 6 feet long and approximately 6 feet wide. Using the Body Solid Series 7 effectively requires a space approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. The average sized room in a home is not that particular size. On top of the size, assembly takes approximately 4 hours with assistance. Without assistance, assembly takes more than 6 hours.

We found the cost of the Body Solid Series 7 excessive compared to similar Smith machines. Considering the majority of the standard attachments are not included, this product is overpriced at $3,000.

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  • Safety features of traditional Smith machines.
  • Weight stack of 210 lbs.


  • Bench, Pec attachment, Preacher curl attachment and leg developer sold separately.
  • Free weights are sold separately.
  • Not a space saving design.


We love Smith machines such as the Body Solid Series 7. The safety features such as the crossmember lock-out points, the free weight gun rack system and commercial-grade steel construction makes us believe the product keeps individuals safe during weight training. Safety aside, the Body Solid Series 7 provides a 210 lb weight stack for upper body and lower body exercises. Aside from the standard weight stack, individuals must pay an additional amount for the bench, Pec developer, bench, Preacher curl and leg developer. The base price is $3,000. Throw in the attachments and the price easily exceeds $4,000.

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